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Often you can make flying to your destination easier by selecting an easy payment plan like book now, pay later. Sometimes, flight prices are not reasonable enough as the idyllic vacation envisioned in your mind, hence precautions are required. To protect your financial initiative and boost your confidence, the book now, pay later option is the best way to enjoy your time at the moment and pay for your pleasure in easy installments over an extended time frame.

British Airways” Book Now Pay Later Flight Policy

British Airways provides its passengers this option of book now and pay later using on minimum deposits. You can pay the remaining amount in multiple installments as you wish. You can call the concerned authority to know how much the payments will be and when you can make the payment.

The only condition is the passenger has to pay the full balance of their flights at least five weeks prior to the travel. On booking for your travel using the British Airways layaway vacation plan, you will get an email confirmation that will have all the details you require, like payment information, due dates and other details.

KLM Book Now Pay Later Flight Policy

KLM is one airline that allows travelers to book tickets with PayPal and choose the option to be billed later. This airways offers more time to pay with the added benefit of no interest as long if the full amount of the airfare is paid within six months. The KLM book now, pay later option is secure and simple.

American Airlines Book Now Pay Later Flights

American Airlines also allows travelers to pay for flights later through proprietary Fly Now Payment Plan. As per this plan you do not have to pay any interest on purchases of $150 or more if you pay the full amount of the travel purchase within six months of the purchase. This payment plan is available for the American Airlines Credit Card holders only.

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Use PayPal for Book Now, Pay Later

You can also use this secure option by checking out with PayPal and opt for the Bill Me Later button, which will take you to the PayPal to prepay for your purchase until you start making payments. You will have to answer two quick and easy questions to accept the terms and conditions of the offer.

Once done, you will receive a statement on your email if you have been approved. Going through this process, you are covered with Zero Fraud Liability Protection.

Grace Period for Purchases

Paypal offers a standard grace period of at least 25 days on new purchases. This means you will not be charged any interests on your airline purchases if you pay the balance in full by the payment due date, just like any standard credit card but here you get more days grace period, which is informed to you by PayPal.

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The concept of book now, pay later is that you get roughly a little over a month to pay for your airline purchase. This offers enough time to have fun in the sun before you even think of paying the dues. The grace period makes it convenient and stress-free to book flights now and pay for your exciting travel adventures later.

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