How To Find Right Roulette Casinos to win Real Money

Roulette has been one of the most amazing and popular games which are played offline and online both. It’s very simple, it’s fun, and most importantly it can deliver immense returns to you if you know how to play roulette. Do you ever wonder why the roulette tables are one of the busiest and most crowded in most of the casino?

Most of the online casinos offer one or more varieties of roulette, with several completely dedicated to the favorite casino table game. Being available in so many places and for you to play roulette online, how you can know which roulette casino to choose? There are many things that you need to consider when zeroing into the best casino to play roulette at. Here are some tips to find the best roulette casino you must consider if you want to win.

1. Casino Review Websites

There are several “best online roulette casino” review sites like Some are informative and neutral, whereas some are there to promote specific casinos. So relying on review sites alone is risky. You need to consider the larger picture.

You can look for the list of features that interest you in such review sites. For instance, you may be looking for the best welcome bonus possible. Just beware that bonuses always come with requirements attached. It might seem like the casino is giving you free money. But the reality is all a c does is reduce the casino’s edge against you. So consider every aspect of casinos.

2. Check the Accuracy of Negative Reviews

Most of the complaint about online casinos is about payout refusal. Most of the time the payout refusal is due to the player inability to comply with the deposit bonus rules. This is not the casino’s fault – it’s the player’s fault.

Secondly, a casino often delays a payout pending identification documents for the player. This is because of compulsory KYC (know your customer) laws. To prevent money laundering your valid identification is necessary to process withdrawals. But don’t hold it against the casino. They’re following the law, however questionable its efficiency is.

3. Forums and Message Boards

Online Gambling Forums can also provide you with the means to share experiences with online casinos. So if a casino is blacklisted and dishonest, you’re bound to find complaints on forums. But don’t believe everything you read. Several smaller online casinos are run illegally. These are known as “rogue casinos”. Often such illegal casino operator can boost their income with a few fake negative reviews of competitors. So try to judge all the reviews posted and decide about the genuineness of the casino.

4. Complaint Websites

There are several websites that allow you to complain, and casinos themselves respond to complaints. It could be the single most important source of research. But they are not without their problems too. It could offer some idea about the right casino.

5. Well-known Casinos Aren’t Always Best

Most of the time larger and better-known casinos are more reliable. But it isn’t always the case. There is some leeway though. Often some casinos ban players to play roulette who win too often.

It is unfair for a casino to protect their games from professional players, by applying such countermeasures. It is good to avoid such casinos because basically, you can’t win there – it’s a guaranteed losing situation for the player.

6. Look for a Generous Welcome Bonus

There are many online casinos that offer a welcome bonus to all the new players. This bonus is meant to drive and lure more visitors and player to play their roulette, slots, or blackjack games which is amazingly equally beneficial for the new players. It is always best to look or such casinos that offer a welcome bonus as it is mostly based on the amount of your initial deposit and will require you to play through a fixed amount of spins or hands etc. in order to offer the bonus.

To make it simpler, if an online casino offers you a bonus of 200% up to $200. It says that any amount of deposit you make up to $200 will be matched 200% by the casino i.e. if you deposit $100 and you’ll get a $200 bonus. It may be released in multiple intervals of $10 for every $25 you wager at the online casino.

7. Understand the variants of online roulette

Yet another most important thing you must consider when choosing an online casino to play roulette at is the varieties of roulette games the casino offers. We all love to play roulette, but do you know there are many ways to spin the wheel? There are in fact several variants of roulette also available on online casinos.

Some of the most common forms of roulette are the American roulette (38 numbers) and European roulette (37 numbers). The European roulette provides players little better odds, offering a house edge of mere 2.7% compared to American roulette’s which is 5%. This difference is because the American roulette has both a 0 and 00, which means the American roulette players are twice as likely to run into a zero that nullifies all bets.

One more type of roulette is in line but somewhat less common but still popular is French roulette. In this game European roulette 37-number wheel is put to use but is if often favors those players with bets insured against a 0. There is a popular rule called La Partage which says that if the ball stops on 0, the player loses only half the bet instead of the entire wager. Apart from this, the En Prison condition is all about your loss on an odd/even bet due to a 0, where your bet is “placed in prison” and you would be offered with an opportunity will win it back on the successive spin.

Some other variants of roulette are also available but at online casinos. Multi-wheel roulette is one such variant, where you can put bets on a single roulette board and spin various wheels to have more chances of winning. In multi-ball roulette, you will have only one wheel and multiple balls.

Apart from all these variants, there are some online casinos that may also offer “live roulette” which has a real wheel and a real croupier. In this type of roulette, you can witness each spin in real-time and the same will be broadcasted to you through the webcam. This is actually a great way for you if you are a newcomer and not much comfortable with the online gaming.


These are some of the variants of roulette that many casinos offer and you need to mindfully select the most appealing and befitting to your expertise level and interest to win your share of the money.

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