What to do and not to do when playing high limit slots?

A high limit slot may not be a crowd favorite especially for those who only play for entertainment and wish to stretch their bankroll for as much as they can. These slot machines are often located in exclusive areas in casinos where high-rollers flock for special perks and promos.

As the name suggests, high limit slots have larger betting limits than normal slot machines, which means a higher payout, but of course, higher losses should also be expected. You can wager between $1 to $25 in these slot machines – or even higher in other casinos.

Winning big might be an enticing thought but the risk of losing your bankroll fast is also high. The most popular slots with big jackpot includes Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune; they are known to let out the highest jackpot prizes in history reaching as high as $30 million. Although there are absolutely no legal ways that can affect the outcome of slot spins, and no tips and strategies or paid special programs can guarantee a big win, there are ways to improve your odds and lessen the risk of draining your bankroll fast.

High Limit Slots at Land Casinos

All of the most reputable casinos in Vegas offer high limit slots. Here are few land casinos that offer high limit slots to play. The slots you can enjoy here are three reel slots like the Red White and Blue, Triple Diamonds and Double Diamonds. Another widely spread game is Wheels of Fortune. While most of the brands can be played with $10, $20 or even $100 per spin, Wheels of fortune allows wagers like $500 per spin. Then you can try the 5-reel video slot games like Wizard of Oz slots, Lobstermania and Cleopatra to name a few.

  • Monte Carlo has a wonderful high limit slot room with various games including the incredible Texas Tea slot machine.
  • Caesars Palace Casino offers  two exclusive VIP rooms and there you can choose between numerous games even new video slots that are impossible to find anywhere else.
  • Ballys casino has a wide gaming portfolio. Get ready to be pampered by the staff with free drinks all the time.


Do choose your machine before playing. Some machines will display a certified payout percentage but most casinos don’t disclose theirs. If you happen to see one

Do determine your budget before playing. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to go home losing more money than you intend to. Wise gamblers know when to stop, and you stop when you used up your budget.

Do choose simple slot games over fancy ones. Simpler games have better odds. Fancy games with flashy signs do not pay as well as the simple ones.

Do choose a higher denomination if you want better odds. It has always been said that higher denominations have higher payback percentage, so your chance of winning might also increase.

Do look for machines with the best perks and bonuses. Being a high-roller has its advantages; you get to receive the complementary or ‘comps’. You must take advantage of these promos and choose machines with better incentives.

Do set a strict win limit. Don’t be that guy who always leaves the casino a loser. This guy will probably win a few times, might even hit the jackpot, but always manages to give it back to the casino.


Don’t bet maximum coins unless it will make you eligible for the jackpot. You may find machines with single progressive jackpot on top of the payoff and it can be worthwhile to bet high on those, but in general, don’t bet above your bankroll limit.

Don’t play without limiting your session playing time. Assign a length of time for each of your gambling session and strictly follow it. A maximum of two hours is recommended.

Don’t use any forms of cheating. Some people would do anything for money, and that includes cheating on slot machines. Various scams like the use of magnets, strings and programmed chips have been recorded over the years. Remember that cheating on licensed casinos may land you in jail for felony.

Don’t forget to cashout your winnings and take your ticket before leaving. It might seem far-fetched but some players get overwhelmed and disoriented after hitting the jackpot.

Highlimit slots

Remember that online slots have lower betting limits than you’ll find at land-based casinos. Few online casino accommodate online high rollers and host those slots if you want to play for higher stakes per spin. Although some games have reasonably high betting limits anyway. When you consider that some games allow you to wager on multiple paylines, the dollar amounts can become very high quite rapidly. Like you might find a five dollar game, but you can bet on 9 lines at a time, which means you’re wagering $45 a spin and ia certainly not the highest limit game at online casno

In fact, online casinos often offer even higher payback percentages than land-based casinos. The cost involved in running an online casino is dramatically lower than that of running a land-based casino. But certainly online casinos offer other advantages to high limit slots players, too, such as convenience and privacy and offer VIP bonuses and Club membership to earn handsome rewards.

Finally if you wish to go for  high limit slots games to play then you pay attention to the denominations, paylines, and special features, as well as any other benefits the slots game has to offer so you know it is one that meets your needs and is going to offer you the gaming opportunities you are looking for the chance to enjoy when you log in to play. You should always read the rules that are specific to that slots game so you have a full understanding of what it offers and what features are available to you.

Also keep in mind that you should play for stakes that are high enough to keep the game interesting, but at the same time, you don’t want to lose more money than you can afford.

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