10 Best Christmas Shopping Destinations in the US

Shopping has always been one of the most exciting activity usually we all wait for. With Christmas around the corner, it is time to go shop till you drop for the perfect holiday gift that you might be looking forward to. Here are 10 fantastic Christmas shopping spots around the United States that will definitely get you all you would be looking forward to having this Christmas.

Christmas is all about the most blessed possessions that you have in your life like your spouse, family, kids, friends and of course shopping! With that in mind, here is the list of 10 outstanding places to do your Christmas shopping this year.

  1. Mall of America – Bloomington, Minnesota

Mall of America

If you are Ok with the brutal winter of Minnesota and ready to plan a trip to this lovely place, this trip to the Mall of America will offer you everything you require for everyone in your family and friends. If you are not able to find anything at the over 500 stores, you don’t need it at all. In addition to having a great shopping spree, you can also enjoy the fun of amusement park out there.

  1. Mall of Georgia – Buford, Georgia

Mall of Georgia

Located in Gwinnett County, Georgian, this is just outside of Atlanta. The Mall of Georgia is one of the finest places to shop in the South. Do not forget to watch a movie while you’re here, as it is known for its biggest IMAX theater for over 100 miles.

  1. Rodeo Drive – Beverly Hills, California

Rodeo Drive – Beverly Hills California

This is the famous Los Angeles shopping district which is popular for its boutiques that are more than you could even think of. Do not forget to plan your budget the prices being so high or else you may find yourself short on rent next month.

  1. The Grove – Los Angeles, California

The Grove – Los Angeles California

This is not only Los Angeles mall/farmers market but it is also a spot where you could also see celebrities aplenty! In addition, it is known for its many incredible food vendors that are throughout the Farmer’s Market ensuring that you keep your belly full and your energy up! Go out to visit Singapore Banana Leaf also if you are a real foodie as it has amazing food options if you are looking for something exotic.

  1. The Magnificent Mile – Chicago, Illinois

The Magnificent Mile – Chicago Illinois

You will find some really amazing shops and boutiques in the heart of Chicago scattered over a mile. The Magnificent Mile may be the best place to shop in the Midwest.

  1. Sawgrass Mills – Sunrise, Florida

Sawgrass Mills – Sunrise Florida

Located in the South of Florida, this mall features variety in the life with over 350 stores, offering anything and everything for holiday shoppers. As you would visit during the winter you can have a glimpse of a Florida Panthers game at the BB&T Center right across the street.

  1. Madison Avenue – New York City

Madison Avenue – New York City

New York is one of the best shopping destinations as it has plenty of areas to shop, but there is simply no place like Madison Avenue in the entire Big Apple. Packed with flagship stores, funky boutiques, and retail stores, it’s no wonder Madison Avenue draws in people from all over the world to shop making it the most happening place when it comes to shopping!

  1. The Galleria – Dallas, Texas

The Galleria – Dallas

This Dallas based shopping mall is equipped with high-end boutiques, huge department stores, and even an ice skating rink comes winter! You can also find a Westin attached to the Galleria, so you do not have to go out of the mall if you need to catch some rest and enjoy the day!

  1. King of Prussia Mall – Pennsylvania

King of Prussia Mall – Pennsylvania

This is a large mall with the funky name in the Pennsylvania town. It has over 400 stores for you to shop till you drop! You will find a variety of store within the shopping mall. Here you will find an offering for every taste and budget, starting from luxury to your favorite brand retailers.

  1. Perimeter Mall – Atlanta, Georgia


Perimeter Mall – Atlanta Georgia 1

Located in Dunwoody, Perimeter Mall is located in an affluent suburb on the north end of Atlanta, with over 200 stores. There are several shops that surround the mall offering shoppers everything from clothing to electronics and much more.