10 Brand New Free Android Games to Play in 2020

Android gaming is getting better every day a great range of new titles that are coming to Google Play. Be it a casual gamer or professional singer, there always a game for all types of players. Every player will find a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste.

Some months are better than others, but there is at least one great new game on mobile every month. Here are the latest and best new Android games of this year Android games which you can try in 2020: 

1. Lucid Adventure

Price: Free to play

Lucid Adventure

Lucid Adventure is a mobile RPG title and a by-product of the popular webtoon. In this game, you can start as a former champion who has lost all of his powers. You need to recover those power in the story mode of this game. It has a general range of powerful skills and playable characters. You will also find an online PvP mode, multiple events, and the usual mobile RPG thing. It’s a great overall game with a fun story and it does have some bugs but they aren’t that bad.


2. Kick-Flight

Price: Free to play


Kick-Flight is an engaging and interesting arcade game. It’s a PvP and online against real players. You fly around an open map and keep combating with others. It is just like games like Brawl Stars in terms of pure premise. This feature includes a vertical component and also a horizontal one and it makes this game more fresh and new. Often you might find an occasional bug, but this is how all new games are.


3. Digaea 1 Complete

Price: $32.99

Digaea 1 Complete

Digaea 1 Complete is a popular PlayStation 2 game for a mobile port. In this game, you will find the original game in all its glory including some smartphone-only features like auto-battle, a fast forward mode to help you grind faster, a cheat shop, cloud saving, and much more. The game is a strategy RPG with an in-depth story and plenty of added stuff to do. Although this game is somewhat expensive at $32.99, better to get it if you find it on sale or discount. You will also find the release of frequent updates to ward off any stability issues reported by early adopters.


4. Summer Catchers

Price: $3.99

Summer Catchers

Summer Catchers is a new game released by Noodlecake Studios, who have also developed Alto’s Odyssey. This game is a 2D side-scroller with platformer elements and also with some puzzle, racing and rhythm elements. It is an amazing game that is packed with all the above elements quite well. It is quite a modern game due to its vibrant and colorful retro graphics and players can unlock a bunch of potentials to get through the game simpler. It is a premium game so it is without any additional microtransactions.


5. Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Price: Free

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

This is an auto chess game and a departure from the game’s usual genre. It plays like most auto chess games where you can drop into a 100-player battle royale and the winner is the last player standing. All these games have amazing strategy components and Might & Magic is no exception. Also, you can collect a bunch of heroes from the iconic franchise and games last only for a maximum of ten minutes. Though it is not perfect, it’s a great start and a decent entrant into the growing genre.


6. Shadowgun War Games

Price: Free to play

Shadowgun War Games

Shadowgun War Games is one of the greatest game launches in February of 2020. Released by MADFINGER Games, the developers who also developed of Dead Trigger, UNKILLED, and the other Shadowgun games. This game is just like online battlers like Overwatch, where you can select a character with unique abilities and facilitate those to gain an edge against opponents. The matches are fast, the graphics are great, good, and the controls are great mobile FPS. You will also find a hardware controller support in case you want to use it. The game has received quite positive feedback and is going under the improvement stage. The game should improve over time and it’s quite good now.


7. Pico Tanks

Price: Free to play

Pico Tanks

Pico Tanks is an engaging and entertaining online battle game. You and many other players will join hands and fight up against a team of opponents to overpower them. This game features a few modes like a flag variant, a standard deathmatch, and a neutral flag game where you fetch cargo and get back to your base. There are gentle controls and also a few hiccups here and there, otherwise, the game is entertaining and runs quite well.


8. Overdrive City

Price: Free to play

Overdrive City

Overdrive City is a racing simulator similar in premise to Kairosoft’s Grand Prix Story. You create a company, manufacture cards, and race them to victory. The game includes 50 car models from brands you know, a bunch of vehicle customizations, and some other features as well. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously and you can do things like building a city with racing asphalt roads. Finally, you get a career mode and there are some social elements as well. It’s a solid game overall.


8. Sins Raid

Price: Free to play

Sins Raid

Sins Raid is a good strategy RPG for 2020 released in February. You can select their heroes that can complete with team role and other stuff. Sins Raid is a stage based mobile MMORPG where players have to create teams of up to 5 heroes and defeat bosses. Every stage features a singlet tough encounter for players to challenge. The bosses are tough, forcing players to use CCs, dodge huge AOEs, and damage aggressively. You can fight with the bosses solo or co-op, allowing you to invite your friends or automatically get paired with another person. You will get a guide with the boss’s move list and also the tips before you fight the boss.

You will also find typical trash mob stages that are much easier, as characters simply move by themselves without any AOEs to dodge. It also has an autoplay feature that’s only in the trash mob sections, but it doesn’t work in bosses. In this game, there are 35+ unlockable heroes, which you can gather through typical micro-transaction summoning, with five free normal summons and one free epic summon.


9. Symphogear XD Unlimited

Price: Free to play

Symphogear XD Unlimited

Symphogear XD Unlimited is an unusual fusion of mobile RPG and the anime idol genre. You need to collect many anime girls and use them to beat up on opponents. The moves are over-the-top and you can easily battle it out. This game has some optimization problems and long loading time. Also, the cloud saving feature is very intricate but it is quite entertaining if you like loud, vibrant anime games with RPG components.



These are the most amazing and relatively newer free casino games for Android that you must not miss out this year if you are an avid gamer and looking to try your hands on new games this year.

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