4 Best Hidden GPS Tracking Devices for your Cars

GPS, which is also called the Global Positioning System, is, in fact, a satellite-based navigation process to determine the specific place of a specific object. With the evolving technology and demand, hidden GPS trackers are being used by consumers to help track their valuables. Today there are various powerful and effective yet small, lightweight and typically unnoticeable GPS to track your vehicle.

Here are some of the most popular and widely used hidden GPS trackers for your car.

1.Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

Linxup OBD GPS Tracker is a GPS tracker of 1 by 1.75 by 2.1 inches in size and weight 2.08 ounces. You can connect it with your car using OBD port. It works using Google Maps and sends location wirelessly using the app or through email or text both.

It is equipped with geofence feature to restrict your car’s movement to a certain extent with a replay option to review routes and real-time location tracking. You can access all these features through the tracker’s partner mobile app. You can receive idling, speeding, fuel consumption alerts. You can also get comprehensive reports for better analysis.

You can monitor track and schedule vehicle maintenance using its built-in Linxup maintenance management tool. You can also read and report your car’s check engine light code and create driver ratings and report cards. You may also get additional alerts in the form of SMS, email, or through app alerts.

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs GPS Tracker is a small tool that allows you to monitor your vehicle’s movement easily through its associated mobile application which you can download through both the Apple Store and the Google Store. This tracker offers 24/7 roadside help within the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico locations. It also finds and notifies you to drive past set curfew hours, monitor car-travel and fuel level real-time, detect vehicle trouble, deliver speeding, and rapid acceleration alerts.

It remains hidden and unnoticed as it is just 3-inch in size without requiring to be charged. You will get GPS tracker with a 15/30/60 second GPS update, and also with a SIM Card, 1 Year Data Plan, and 1 Year Service without any monthly fees.

3. MotoSafety Portable Real-Time Personal GPS Tracker


The MotoSafety Portable Real-Time Personal GPS Tracker is a portable GPS tracker that can track your loved ones, valued objects, and vehicles. Packed with real-time geofencing capabilities, you can attach this tracking device to multiple objects without anyone noticing it. It can be fully charged in 6-hour that can last for 14 days.

This mini GPS supports both Android and Apple device.  Just perfect for long rides. You can review locations and dispatches and you can get updates every 60-seconds through the app on your mobile phone or to your PC. Without any SIM card requirement and with the data plan included, this tracking system directly connects to a 4G network to deliver live updates.

It does not require any activation or cancellation fees or any wires or installation. You get 24/7 hassle-free safety with Motosafety device.

4. TKSTAR GPS Tracker


This tracking device has a rechargeable 5000 mA Lithium battery that can last for 3 weeks if fully charged. With a location accuracy of 5-10 meters, it can track the movement of the vehicle, object or person to which it is attached to. It is available in the size of 4 inches, weight of 6.4 ounces, and with 5-piece magnetic power which helps it hide easily. This tool is also equipped with a waterproof cover, tamper-resistant, shock alert, an anti-theft function. It can alert on over speeding and low battery alarm through SMS.

It is a palm-size device that features a lanyard hole, a SIM card slot, and USB port. At 10 seconds intervals, it offers real-time tracking and route playback using Google Maps. Having a geofence potential helps this device to be used to designate specific area limit for movement, and a text message is sent on leaving that location.


If you are looking for such a hidden, portable and effective GPS tracking device that cannot be seen by anyone still it could work amazingly well, do not forget to check out above 4 best GPS tracking devices as per your preference and budget.