4 High Roller Benefits you Must Enjoy

The experience of being treated like a VIP is really breathtaking. You are able to live that luxurious and extravagant life. Casinos can make this possible in Las Vegas. A high roller can get full access to the red carpet treatment. Choosing the right casino is a very witty move to play because playing a small hand at the biggest casino in the world might not suffice but a big hand at a small casino may easily get you in the enthralling experience of being treated like a VIP.

1. Fine Dining

fine dine

You have the luxury to enjoy high-end restaurants and really savor the food. So it doesn’t matter what you order all the top chefs here are entitled to serve you only the most delicious of their cuisines. Since you are a high roller, you can really feel easy on the prices on the menu.

Without booze, there is no party. So enjoy the best of the drinks to your fill and play your hand. Some might even say that the booze carries all the fortune so it’s important for you to have one in the hand while playing. Most casinos serve you free drinks as the high as you play.

2. Luxury Rooms and Suites

Luxury Rooms and Suites

One of the most common amenities for a high roller is the luxurious suites and rooms that come with it. At a place like Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you are assured to get a suite or room with a bottle of champagne. Hosts will try to convince you into choosing particular rooms for either you or your family. You can either make use of this trip and invite your family alongside or travel alone and try to blend in.

3. High-end Shows and Events

High end Shows and Events

Meeting the best of celebrities is a lifelong dream of any human and a high roller grants you that wish. Back in the days, it was Elvis who was up for that kind of service now its Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or Celine Deon. So you are able to enjoy the chance of seeing them perform in front of an audience live. This is one of the perks for a high roller.

4. Extended Lines of Credit

Extended Lines of Credit

The extended lines of credit are something that the casinos provide you when you are gambling. It offers you to chase losses and keep on playing until your bankroll runs out as a result. However, it is a double-edged sword to use as it can prove very beneficial to you if you have enough cash but really dicey if you try to dig deep.

How Much to Spend to Become a High Roller?

how much to spend to become high roller

It depends on different factors one of them being the kind of casino you choose to play in. some casinos offer you a 3% wagering while others have a high 10% wagering. Another factor is the duration of your play. The time limit is a major factor.

Before it was the casino hosts who made the rule of how much to comp someone but now it depends on the amount of cash on your player’s card. So it has become an asset for people to use the player’s card.

Nowadays, it all depends on the criteria you put in front of the casino because they decide on the number of your bet per hand or spin, duration of your play, and the house edge to analyze your losses.

Again it depends on the type of casino you choose to gamble in certain high-end casinos like the ones in Las Vegas can accelerate your theoretical losses. The most expensive in Las Vegas is worth $25,000.