5 Best iPad Pro Games

Do you know you can experience the freedom and power playing iPad pro games that you cannot experience playing even the best video game consoles? Here, you can have a large assortment of available titles, many of which you can download in a few minutes, you get a huge, amazing screen with highly sensitive touch controls and the potential to play anywhere, at any time due to its portability. The top iPad Pro games offer many advantages, allowing you to enjoy awesome games on the go, mostly at a fraction of the price that console and PC titles cost.

Here are our picks for the best 5 iPad Pro games for you to play!



The series of Infinity Blade is known as one of the most visually impressive games available on mobile devices, displaying epic battle scenes with amazing clarity and the kinds of affects you wouldn’t expect to witness on a tab or smartphone. It is the sequel of tradition, returning to the series’ tried-and-true fighting formula, where you swipe your screen at the right time to block, parry and slice the intimidating opponents.  A basic, still alluring, this RPG-style game keeps the gameplay relatively fresh. In this game you will learn how to counter lots of different attacks, plus, you can makeover gear through the blacksmith to improve its power level.



Get ready for some shooting mayhem on your iPad Pro! You can parachute onto an isolated island and fight with 99 other players to see who can survive this Battle Royale and secure ultimate bragging rights. You will get plenty of loot to scavenge, vehicle galore and boatloads of weaponry. Defeat and hunt your enemies mercilessly, tooling yourself, and avoid getting killed. The iPad Pro makes the best of the sound and the visuals with the extra screen real estate promoting your chances of reducing your enemies in the landscape and putting them down.



The initial Monument Valley had already blown players away with its MC Escher-style optical illusion puzzles, all of which were triggered against gorgeous, colorful backgrounds. It was packed with amazing sound design and smooth, mind-twisting animations that matched with the brief 10-level story that followed a silent princess through a series of ever-growing geometric worlds. Now the sequel of Monument Valley has brought back the puzzle-based gameplay and adds many new components, for instance, a new playable character and tools like water and light that you’ll use to reach the game’s 14 levels. The art design is multifarious this time too, and the graphics are better than ever before.



This game expects you to shepherd your fledgling civilization from one village to a globe-dominating nation. You need to explore, city building, research, trade, religion, and war. In this game, most of the features that are part of the full PC game are present and amazing in this port, though there is no online multiplayer option. You can try this game for free for 60 turns, which we strongly recommend, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the franchise. You may stop at the full $60 price, but you will surely want to play on and on for hours of your time.



Similar to the Legend of Zelda game or Nintendo Switch, Oceanhorn is amongst the best. You have to control a young man who sets out to find his father, who has been lost once he set out to find the Oceanhorn, a mystical beast that lives in the sea. It is quite similar to the Zelda games where you will have to answer puzzles to receive loot, collect hearts to complete lost HP, and drop bombs to unearth hidden paths. The fight is simple yet pleasurable and exploration is just exhilarating, especially while sailing.