5 Mobile Technologies that will Rule the Roost

You were spoiled for choice in 2018 with a range of excellent smartphones, with very little features to distinguish them from one another. The most amazing and high-end smartphones got an edge by offering stunning photography or refinements to luxurious and pixel perfect design.

Nowadays performance is more relevant and the gap between the best inexpensive phones and the best phones are closing gradually. Let’s find out what is there in store for 2019 when it comes to the best mobile technology and the evolving trends of mobile technology.

Bezel-less Display

Bezel less Display

Of course, the bezels are expected to shrink further, but it may leave the manufacturers thinking where to place the front-facing camera! Options are there like a pop-up camera in the phones like Opp Find X and Vivo Nex S but it does not appear to be catching on. And if it is without a bezel that means there would be a hole or notch on the phone.

Increased Megapixels and Lenses


Today the photography of smartphone has taken a leap over the last few years. Xiaomi has already declared to release a phone with a 48-megapixel camera in 2019, which would break all records of jumping ahead of Huawei’s 40-megapixel lens-toting Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro, and the most recent record holder, the Nokia Lumia 1020, with a 41-megapixel camera. The competition to add more cameras will set to continue in this year also.

Face Locking

Face Locking

Face unlocking is about to become a major feature as Apple has placed it firmly back onto the menu with Face ID. It is expected that more and more Android manufacturers will follow suit by improving their face unlocking mechanisms making it faster, reliable and secure to use for banking transactions.

The old fingerprint sensor would either be shifted to the back of the phone to make way for an all-screen front. Face unlocking is considered to be the easiest way to unlock your phone. Google has joined hands with Huawei to make the 3D face unlock system work with Google Play. You can expect that this face unlocking is going to be used in 2019 more immensely ditching the fingerprint sensor.

Faster Charging

Faster Charging

The most important improvement that is going on these days is reducing the charging time of our phones. Some Chinese manufacturers like Oppo, OnePlus, Huawei, and Meizu have already started offering an improved charging speed.

Qualcomm is introducing a new triple charging system in 2019. It can offer up to 32W for wired charging and 15W for wireless charging. Let’s hope that the two big technology giants will also increase their charging speed.

Foldable Phone, though little Early

Foldable Phone though little Early

Yes, the foldable phone will start to take baby steps this year. As Samsung, Oppo, LG and Huawei, and some others have already started designing foldable phone, the fact is folding phones will be the craze but it will be chunky and very expensive.


Above-mentioned are the most creative and fast-evolving mobile technologies that are going to take the year of 2019 into its stride.