5 Smallest Casinos in the World

In this modern age, the bigger is better. But often when it comes to the casinos, many are not that lavish and large enough to offer you spacious and sprawling gaming experience.

Here, I have assorted the 5 smallest casinos in the world:

1. Grosvenor London Taxi Cab


What about learning about a traveling casino which is also one of the smallest?

Popular land-based and online casino operator Grosvenor introduced this innovative idea of a casino located inside a London taxi to promote its “playyourway” ad campaign.

Despite the lack of space, the movable casino manages to boast a gaming table, croupier, online gambling services, including a bar.

It could manage to find room to install a television screen showing live sports. This taxi carried out a nationwide tour of the UK and is also the first of a new generation of mobile casinos.

2. Deltin Royale, RND Jetty, Panjim, India


Deltin Royale is also one of the most unique gambling experiences in the world.

It can ferry players offshore and into international waters. Of course, it does not contravene any gambling laws in India.

Although the number of gaming tables is limited, still you get to see a wide selection of titles including Texas Hold’em Poker, American Roulette, Indian Flush (Teen Patti), Baccarat, Blackjack, 3-Card Draw Poker, 5-Card Poker, Slot Machines, Mini-Flush, Casino War, and Money Wheel.

You get entertainment and dining options also here being one of the smallest operating casinos on the planet and it also remains one of the most highly-rated.

3. Santa Ysabel, San Diego, US


Established on 11th April 2007, Santa Ysabel is an Indian-owned casino that holds the title for the smallest casino in the US.

Run by the Santa Ysabel Band of Diegueno Indians, the casino manages to generate revenues and became a quirky destination for gamblers wanting something different.

It features six gaming tables with live blackjack and live poker available. Unfortunately, on 3rd February 2014, the casino was forced to close due to financial problems.

Although the building remains there is uncertainty about the future with many hoping that it re-opens as a casino.

4. Casino Palms, La Calypso, Calangute, Goa


Based in Goa, Casino Palms is one of the casinos that come under the La Calypso brand alongside Casino Pride, Casino Paradise, and Casino Pearl. It is also a resort as a whole and to promote it the idea of having casinos popped up.

Although there is a lot of criticisms about its size, customer service, and gaming options, it also has some positive comments that do suggest this place is worth visiting if you love a snug casino.

5. North Cadbury Court, Somerset, England


This is one of the most famous and smallest casinos around. Situated underground, this casino’s owners made the bold decision to convert their basement into a 30-capacity casino room. The gaming potential is very restricted.

With low ceilings, there is just about space to fit in Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. There is no other casino in the world like it.


These are some of the smallest casinos across the globe that you’d like to visit if you happen to visit nearby places.