5 Top Rated Screen Protectors For iPhone XR

If you have an iPhone XR, you would love to watch that beautiful new Super Retina display, clarity of which is hard to beat. But unfortunately, this screen may not last forever.  It tends to accrue scratches just by keeping it on your jean pockets. It is great to guard it with scree protector that is readily available for your iPhone.

Confused what screen protector to pick up for your new iPhone XR? Here is a list of popular and widely used screen protectors for iPhone XR right here!

  1. Trianium iPhone XR Screen Protector

The Trianium iPhone XR Screen Protector is a tempered glass screen protector, hence you get the maximum protection against all types of damage to your screen. Some of the daily abuse like nicks and scratches are not going to harm your screen anymore. Being pretty thin, as it add just 0.25mm to the thinness of your screen. With 99.9% transparency, your touch screen features will remain crystal clear.

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  1. XDesign Glass Screen Protector For iPhone XR

XDesign is a unique 9H tempered glass protector to keep your iPhone XR’s screen free from scratches and other everyday abuse. XDesign has a frame that you set around your iPhone XR with the protector within it. With this protector also all the features like 3D Touch will be easy and unaffected. This also offers a 99.9% transparency rating.

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  1. SPARIN iPhone XR Tempered Glass Protector

Coming to the next protector, SPARIN iPhone XR Tempered Glass Screen Protector is actually worth investing. Here with this package you get four protectors in the package for only $6. Of course you would not get much cheaper than this. It has a hardness rating of 9H, thus offering your screen the maximum protection. Your 3D Touch features stay intact, and you will get a coating over top of this protector to avoid fingerprints and liquids. This too comes with a 99.9% transparency rating.

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  1. MaxBoost iPhone XR Tempered Glass Protector 

When it comes to the MaxBoost iPhone XR Tempered Glass Protector, you get the maximum protection against every odds like scratches etc. Being tempered glass is one of the best materials out there for avoiding damage. In fact, tempered glass protectors are self-healing, so in some time the scratches will disappear from your protector as well.

There much more to this. You get three protectors for a small cost of $10. With 99.9% transparency rating, it is in fact a wise deal.

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  1. Magglass iPhone XR Glass Screen Protector

And finally, the top rating is the Magglass iPhone XR screen protector. As with others, this too will offer you ample protection against nicks and everyday scratches and due to its tempered glass, it is self-healing. This quality of this glass protector increases the age of this protector. This too offers a 99.9% transparency rating. It also offers you edge to edge protection also.

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As quite obvious, there are plenty of excellent screen protectors available for your iPhone XR smartphone. You can buy any one of these given your needs and preferences to protect your phone against the daily abuse.