6 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the most powerful mobile devices on the earth. But to protect your expensive device you need to have a mobile case or cover also. As you value your phone’s beauty, it’ time to protect the best Galaxy S9 Plus with its cover.  You can choose from a number of cases available out there starting from clear gel cases that showcase your phone’s style, to protective cases to guard your device. We have compiled here a short list of the most popular and effective Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases.

  1. Mujjo Leather Wallet Case ($55)

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case 55

Having a leather case can be a gorgeous and most luxurious material. This leather case is Mujjo’s first-ever venture into cases outside of iOS devices and it’s a total stunner. Although it cannot fully replace your wallet, it has room enough to carry some credit card-sized items. Made of the most premium of materials, this full grain leather ages gracefully and an inner lining of Japanese microfiber will keep your phone safely. It is expensive, the quality like this worth it.


  1. Ted Baker Hider Inlay Shell ($46)

Ted Baker Hider Inlay Shell 46

Looking for something stylish? This case from Ted Baker is the answer. This can be considered as one of the finest names in luxury style as Ted Baker’s commitment to quality is reflected in this case. The case has the molded polycarbonate that offer all the protection you’d expect from a shell case. Although it cannot protect as a bigger case, it can provide good protection against minor drops and falls. The back side of this case is coupled with s a uniquely designed cross-hatched surface that is good looking as well as offers a tactile surface for extra grip.


  1. Zizo Bolt Series ($19)

Zizo Bolt Series

The Bolt series from Zizo isn’t just a great protective case with a multiple-layer construction and military-grade 810.1-G drop certification. It also offers a great range of utility. Made of polycarbonate this shell comes with a handy kickstand for easy media viewing, an optional holster clips in the front of the phone, and there’s a free screen protector for added protection. If you opt for it, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee of Zizo’s device.


  1. Obliq Slim Meta ($25)

Obliq Slim Meta

Obliq is known for its stylish protection and the Slim Meta is a great example of that design. This case has a double-layer construction of TPU to resist damage ensuring that your device has good all-around protection against a variety of threats. It keeps your case slim and easy to fit into your pocket. It is finished with a brushed metallic effect giving it a sheen and amazing style.


  1. Kerfcase Wood Case ($79+)

erfcase Wood Case

Wood is not the material usually uses in accase.  But there is an elegance in the genuine wood case of Kerfcase which makes a great wood case you can ever find. Made of sustainable wood, KerfCase offers buyers eight types of wood, coupled with wooden buttons and an inner layer of Ultra Suede to keep your phone protected. It is quite expensive as it starts from $79 and goes up to $179 for the premium Figured Walnut model.


  1. Official Samsung Hyperknit Case ($35)

Official Samsung Hyperknit Case

When you have a new Samsung phone, why not get your protection from Samsung also? This Samsung case has a knitted nylon material which is not seen before. Surprisingly it is not expensive of all cases, it has good edge protection and can protect your phone from any scratches or bumps from damaging the exterior of your phone. It has a textured surface giving your phone extra grip, and your phone remains thin and lightweight.



These are some of the most popular and highly effective Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases and covers, from which you can select the best suiting your taste and budget.