6 Foods You Cannot Miss Trying out in Atlantic City

Las Vegas is the most visited number one tourist destination in the US, but Atlantic City also attracts a steady crowd of gamblers, foodies and vacationing families. You can visit this place any time with your family to have fun with them or have only got 24 hours to spend, Atlantic City offers it all.

Atlantic foods also have their own story to tell. Here the chefs are coming to showcase their unique food creations. Some are offbeat than others, but each of these food items is worth a try. You just have to find these all run up and down the boardwalk a few times to burn them off.

Do give a try a few of these and you will be happy to be in Atlantic City.

1. Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy


There are many places on the boardwalk where you can find shops selling candies, but the best one you should visit is Fralinger’s. At this place, you will get the taste of the original saltwater taffy and your trip to Atlantic City cannot be complete without visiting this shop.

2. Funnel Cakes at Vanina’s Ice Cream


If you have a sweet tooth, I am sure you would probably love cakes. If you’ve ever been to a local fair, you might have encountered funnel cakes. In this dish, pancake batter is poured straight into the deep fryer then, once cooked, you just have to top it with ice cream, sauces, and, other ingredients.

Vanina’s Ice Cream is an ordinary-looking shop on the boardwalk. It doesn’t even have an online presence. But once you get a look at the reviews, you’ll see why this place has been hyped so much and has become a must-visit spot in Atlantic City. You will find here a range of delicacies from deep-fried Oreos to fried cheesecake, this is your one-stop spot for all the fairground delicacies you crave.

3. Buffalo Chicken Pizza at South End Pizza II


This too does not have any website. It is a local favorite and of course, deserves a visit. It is mostly crowded, so you need to wait. The specialty of this place is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and whether you order a slice or a whole pie, you have to taste it to believe its worth.

Chicken is dipped in Buffalo wing sauce and then placed onto the pizza. You can pour blue cheese to your slice or ranch on top for a great combination.

 4. “Oscar An Entrée” at Knife and Fork

Oscar An Entrée” at Knife and Fork

Prima facie, the Knife and Fork will make you feel to be an old-timey steakhouse. But this is the place where you can get all the traditional dishes, including a lobster thermidor.

But what makes this place “Oscar” is the dish that will add lump crab meat, bearnaise sauce, and grilled asparagus. If you don’t like this, you can’t go wrong with a bit of surf ‘n’ turf.

5. All the Shellfish at Dock’s Oyster House


You will find several places selling fresh seafood in Atlantic City. You may also find crab cakes on many restaurants’ menus, but you’ll not find a place that sells dishes based on the food items readily available from the ocean.

For this, you need to visit Dock’s Oyster House, which has been shucking oysters for years and offers the most incredible selection of shellfish in Atlantic City.

You can choose from 12 or more different types of oysters at any point in time. You can also have a full raw bar of scallops, crab, shrimp, or lobster. Or can also have to have the shellfish sampler and get it all.

6. Lobster Ramen at Okatshe

Lobster Ramen at Okatshe

If you’re a follower of Iron Chef America, you know Chef Garces. This is why you would love to head to his restaurant Okatshe in The Tropicana at Atlantic City. It offers Japanese food in the modern, small plate fashion, where you can try some delicious bites. But do not forget to try the lobster ramen.

This is not the one-minute-noodles version of ramen you are almost familiar with. Rather it is coupled with lobster dashi, a lobster stock, and then piled up with Shiitake, cabbage, shrimp, clams, and a whole lobster tail. It is a dish you would relish.


So, are you heading to Atlantic City in your next vacation? If you have plans, do not forget to try out these amazing and mouth-watering delicacies that these special shops on the boardwalk have to offer.