7 Worst Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is often considered as the most vibrant place for gambling experience. With the popular strip and several mega-casinos with millions of people from all over the world and the amazing gaming facilities, it’s like a dream world.

The hotels are also just as amazing. They offer incredible luxury with a price tag. But not all the hotels are quite as nice.

Here, I have rounded up the top 7 worst hotels in Las Vegas that you should avoid visiting if you’re planning a trip to Sin City.

1. Diamond Resorts Intl.

Diamond Resorts Intl

Although this place may sound like a razzle-dazzle from its name, people often share a very dark side of it. It is often counted as ‘liars’, ‘thieves’ and ‘crooks’.

Avoid it unless you want fake people who ‘will smile and lie in your face, steal your money and do everything to manipulate you’. Las Vegas is for fun, not stress!

2. Siegel Suites (Tropicana)


If you want to see the dark side of Las Vegas, at Siegel Suites Tropicana you’ll get just that.

As per a reviewer, this isn’t a place for people to stay. You’d see ‘drugs and prostitution’ and other ‘criminal’ activity where the ‘Las Vegas Metropolitan Police frequently visits. The rooms themselves sound disgusting. You will find broken furniture, without AC and ‘bed bugs outnumbered only by the roaches’.

3. Excalibur Hotel & Casino


This hotel and casino have a common notion of how dirty and ‘nasty’ everything is, and how the ‘staff needs to work on better guest service’. Moreover, you’re not even assured of a room if you reserve. With so many hidden charges and dirty windows from where you can’t see outside, it’s the one you must avoid.

4. Flamingo Hotel & Casino


This hotel has a rapport of waiting for long for anything you want to have. You may have to wait for more than 40 minutes to check-in, as was one guest’s experience, but yet another might have to wait two hours!

With the cleanliness, the last thing here, ‘stains on the floor and the sheets…even the hairdryer’, it’s one hotel you must aim to avoid.

5. On The Vegas Boulevard Hotel

On The Vegas Boulevard Hotel

With 24hr porn shop over the road, you will find yourself the next day with ‘15 bed bug bites on your arm and back’ in this hotel. Often people suggest staying in your rental car or out in the desert ad it will be much nicer’.

They also misbehaved with the mobility-impaired elders. One poor couple couldn’t carry their scooters into the specially designed handicapped room and were not offered any refund for this blunder.

6. Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower


The Stratosphere Tower may be an iconic part of the Las Vegas landscape but does the hotel match up to that legacy? From the reviews we’ve trawled, we’d say not.

It seems that the biggest problem is that checking in can take about 40 minutes…and that’s before somebody even arrives at the desk to speak to you. After that, you might not even have a room, even if you’ve booked. One guest was warned by management that ‘no one’s room is guaranteed because they don’t check to make sure they’re available even if you reserve them’. Is there no certainty in this world? I’d rather save playing my luck for the casinos, thank you very much.

It’s all doom and gloom according to one ex guest who asks, ‘why bother’? He goes on, adding ‘the hotel is grubby…dark, unwelcoming, I sense the end is near’. That’s some crazy prophesy stuff – watch this space?

7. Circus Circus Hotel & Casino


Spoiler alert or a friendly warning – there will be clowns! There’s a massive clown face grinning as you arrive at the reception! You will find inspiration for a 70s horror film! Better to avoid this hotel for sure!


These are some of the most horrified and worst hotels you must avoid while visiting Las Vegas!