8 Popular Android Horror Games to Play

Horror is not the best genre for mobile gaming just for a simple reason – its horror content. Although the genre experienced a renaissance of sorts in the last few years and it’s gotten a lot better. These type of games use elements from a lot of other genres. Here, I have rounded up the 8 popular Android horror games to play.

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s series

Price: $2.99 each

Five Nights at Freddy’s series

This game is a series of highly popular horror games. They rely on the classic jump scare. You have to sit somewhere and keep an eye out for living robots. They will try to kill you. If you can survive you can win. You will also find a good dose of lore and story. These games have quite the following on YouTube also. There are many games in total to play through. The mechanics vary between the games. Although, the base premise remains the same.


2. Dead Effect 2

Price: Free to play

Dead Effect 2

This is a creepy sci-fi shooter. You have to play the role of one of three characters. Your aim is to level up, find new weapons, and defeat the bad guys. It also has tons of alien bad guys, lots of dark corridors, and a 20-hour campaign mode to play through. The graphics are pretty good on their own. They also get a great lift if you watch it on an Nvidia Shield device. This game Dead Effect 2 is about as close to a horror shooter as it gets on mobile.


3. Distraint: Deluxe Edition

Price: Free / Up to $4.49

Distraint: Deluxe Edition

This is one of the newer horror games featuring hand-drawn graphics and a simple premise. It has very simple controls and you should be able to learn them quickly. It doesn’t typically rely on classic horror elements like jump scares. Rather, it tries to creep you out with its storyline. It bills itself as a psychological horror game. It’s a bit short and you can finish the game in a few hours. The Deluxe Edition of this game is a bit more expensive than the normal version, but it includes a bunch of extra stuff.


4. Eyes

Price: Free / Up to $4.99


This game is a nice horror escape game. You break into a mansion to explore it and end up getting chased by a monster. The game features, multiple levels to unlock, a couple of game modes, offline support, and global leaderboards via Google Play Games. The graphics and controls are amazing and everything is played fine. It is not overly scary but the atmosphere is dark and creepy so it’s a fun play overall. Eyes are also free via Google Play Pass if you have it.


5. Dead by Daylight Mobile

Price: Free to play

Dead by Daylight Mobile

This game is surprisingly fun. It’s an asymmetrical PvP game where four players duke it out with a single gamer. The solo player is a monster with several special capabilities to give them an edge over their opponents. The game gets consistent updates with balance changes and such so nothing stays the same for too long. The controls and mechanics are solid. You may experience occasional server issues and it may run poorly on old or low-end devices so beware of that.


6. Into the Dead 2

Price: Free to play

Into the Dead 2

This game is the latest in a popular series of horror games. It’s an infinite runner. In this game, you aim is to survive for as long as possible. The game features a story mode with multiple endings, weapon and ammo perks, and more. It also has more gameplay mechanics than its first iteration. The first Into the Dead is still pretty good, though. Both horror games are freemium.


7. Thimbleweed Park

Price: $9.99

Thimbleweed Park

This is a thriller game with horror components. Thimbleweed Park has 80 crazy residents and you have a dead body to handle. You will find all types of weird happenings around the town and your job is to find answers. There are five playable characters, a bunch of jokes, two difficulty levels, a hint system, and more. Although it isn’t necessarily scary, but it has a lot of the same elements as horror games. Just like a Bruce Campbell movie, it is not scary, but you still watch them during Halloween.


8. Slayaway Camp and Friday the 13th

Price: Free

Slayaway Camp and Friday the 13th

This game has two horror, puzzle, gore games from Blue Wizard Digital. They have quite similar graphics and controls. You solve puzzles, kill things, and see lots and lots of blood. You need to enable gore mode, though. It has 140 levels and Friday the 13th includes over 100. That should be more than enough to keep you going for a while. These are easily among the best mobile horror games ever made. It will cost you a cool $2.99. Friday the 13th is free to download with in-app purchases up to $9.99.



These are the 8 popular Android horror games to play if you want some real scare this year. Try out these games and have fun.