9 Useful Smart Home Gadgets to Buy

Smart homes are nowadays a niche, but still growing in popularity. The pricing of these gadgets are continuously dropping. Some smart home gadgets is easy to use and extremely reliant.

Today’s smart home tools you can control through your phone, tablet, or even your voice. You can turn out lights on and off, listen to the music, news, and weather reports just by commending the gadget.

You may be puzzled about what gadgets should you have for your smart home! Here is a quick guide about the smart and necessary gadgets that will make your home smart and better controlled.

1. Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo 3rd Gen

Smart Speaker Amazon Echo 3rd Gen
Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo 3rd Gen

You will find many smart speakers on the market that work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The best smart speaker that you can have is the third-generation Amazon Echo. This is an Alexa-based circular speaker with a 0.8-inch tweeter and a 3-inch woofer offering solid audio performance.

It also features multiple microphones that can catch your voice commands, even from 30 feet away or in a noisy room. Alexa supports thousands of smart home gadgets, and the Amazon Echo can integrate with all of them turning your house into a smarter home. You can use it by asking to play music or do tasks it is meant to perform like organize your calendar or even play games and trivia.

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2. Smart Display: Google Nest Hub

Smart Display Google Nest Hub
Smart Display: Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub (earlier known as the Google Home Hub) is the perfect smart display you can have, with one major feature left out – a camera. With 7-inch 1,024 x 600 resolution display for the bedroom or kitchen, these are the best two places in your home to install this product.

You can ask Google Assistant to check the weather and you can see on the screen with graphics and video. Similar is the process for news requests as well. You can organize your day with this display, access YouTube to display your DIY videos and recipes, and much more. The only flow is, it doesn’t have a camera, so you cannot make video calls.


3. Smart Door Lock: Smart Lock Pro

Smart Door Lock Smart Lock Pro.jog
Smart Door Lock: Smart Lock Pro

The best use of smart home gadgets is improved security, and it’s much safer than being inside a locked house. This Smart Lock Pro is meant to not only make coming in and out of your house simple but make it safer as well.

You can lock and open the door from anywhere via a smartphone. And you can also control who can access that door as well. You can also integrate this tool with Amazon Echo speaker, you can use Alexa voice commands to control the door lock.  


4. Smart Bulb: LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb

Smart Blub LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb
Smart Blub: LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb

There bulbs are also a convenient way to make your home smarter. You can control lights while you’re away and let other people think you’re home. You can remotely turn on lights when you’re on your way home to avoid walking into a dark house. These bulbs are the best way to make your home smart as it does not require any kind of hub or controller to work.

You can also connect these smart bulbs to other smart home devices. It has the Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm sensors installed which can detect a fire. LIFX bulbs will pulse red and then turn themselves on to full brightness, lighting room to get out of the house.


5. Smart Home Hub: Samsung SmartThings Hub

Several smart home devices run on a hub device. Samsung’s SmartThings Hub can be a great choice if you have a smart home or plan to make it. The company recently introduced the third-generation model of the SmartThings Hub. This hub gives you control over a large number of smart home devices, including cameras, smart bulbs, and locks.

You can also get several Smart Things add-on products which will help you extend your smart home experiences, including motions sensors for cameras and lights, smart plugs for lights, and much more.


6. Best Smart Plug: TP-Link Smart Plug Mini

Best Smart Plug TP Link Smart Plug Mini
Best Smart Plug: TP-Link Smart Plug Mini

The best part of this smart plug like this TP-Link one is that it can work with any appliance or light. It does not require an added hub like the Samsung SmartThings device for this smart plug to work. Whatever is plugged into it can be turned on/off using the app or a smart speaker assistant like the Google Home or Amazon Echo.

This TP-Link app helps you to schedule a time for devices that are plugged into the smart plug. You can also set an away mode so that the lights or appliances set on at random for extra security. This is a compact designed tool hence quite small it doesn’t block adjacent outlets.


7. Best Smart Garage Opener: Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

Best Smart Garage Opener Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub
Best Smart Garage Opener Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

Garage doors can be the best fit for smart home gadgets. This Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub is meant to connect to your current garage door opener. Apart from raising or lowering your garage door with your smartphone, this tool can also notify you when it opens and closes for some better security. It’s a great smart home gadget you can buy if you own a car and a garage.


8. Best smart doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Best smart doorbell Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Best smart doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Along with a smart lock, you can also have the best smart doorbell for security. The Amazon-owned Ring Company is the leader in this field for quite some time. Its Ring Video Doorbell Pro can be the best fit replacing your existing wired doorbell and lets you see, hear, and talk to any visitors on your phone, tablet or even a smart TV.

It can support up to 1080p video with clear images at night also. You will get notifications if someone is approaching the door, through motion sensor hardware.


9. Best Smart Security Camera: Arlo Pro

Best Smart Security Camera Arlo Pro
Best Smart Security Camera: Arlo Pro

If you are most concerned about your home security having wireless cameras can be the answer which you can put almost anywhere. This Arlo Pro wireless camera is programmed to work both inside and outside your house. It features night vision and two-way audio support for scaring off any intruders. You can also watch the live video streams from anywhere, or you can watch up to seven days of recorded video on your smartphone. Although it is not cheap, you can take benefit of significant discounts with larger multi-camera bundles.



These are the most amazing and smart home gadgets that you can use to make your home smarter. These will not only help you manage your home better but will also make it safer.