Amazfit Bip – Discounted Smartwatch Alternative to Apple Watch or Fitbit Versa

Apple watch is the biggest name in the industry of smart watches. Starting from GPS, text, step tracking, call, and calendar alerts, it has all. But with such a huge range of features, the cost is equally high. If you want to buy an Apple Watch, it isn’t going to come cheap, whether it is Series 3 or Series 1.

Amazfit Bip at Discounted Price

Amazfit Bip at Discounted Price

This high price point is one of the causes that many people opt for the Fitbit Versa instead, but still you need to shell out $200 to get a Fitbit smartwatch on your wrist. Just to counter this paradigm shift, there comes heavily discounted Amazfit Bip. This Amazfit Bip isn’t an Apple Watch or Fitbit watch, but at the discounted price of $67, it is actually a great deal and an affordable alternative packed with amazing features.

With Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, you can get one-way notifications for SMS, emails, and incoming calls. In addition, you will also get alerts from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, and weather forecasts. Additionally, this smartwatch closely resembles of Apple Watch and Versa. It is also available in a range of colors to select from. With 33 percent off it could be a great smartwatch for the entire family.

Impressive Features


Though the Amazfit Bip isn’t as versatile or powerful as its more expensive counterparts, it is packed with several impressive features. Unlike the Apple Watch or Fitbit Versa, this amazing smartwatch comes with a 30 days of battery life which is just incredible. This means you can use it for an entire month without having to recharge it. In addition to sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, the Amazfit Bip is also coupled with built-in GPS, allowing for more accurate activity data. This helps you monitor your calories burned, steps, and distance traveled in real time. You can have many sport modes also to get more detailed insights into specific exercises.

Prices at $100, this Amazfit Bip is currently available on sale for just $79 on Amazon. So be the first to grab this opportunity for a smart wearable that won’t cost you hundreds of dollars.