Apple iPhone Battery Life Claims are Exaggerated

You might be surprised to learn, Apple’s claim of its iPhone battery life is exaggerated as per the new report by a UK based advocacy group.

If the report of this group is considered, it says that in tests of nine iPhone models, it was found that none of the models stand the claim of iPhone battery life and it all fell short of its battery life claims by 18% to 51%.

The least performer being the Phone XR, for which Apple claimed that it would last for 25 hours talk time on a full charge. The test found that the battery of this phone lasted only for 16 hours and 32 minutes, falling short of 51% of its claim.

iPhone XR the Worst Offender

iPhone XR the Worst Offender

A statement given to the Business Insider by Apple, it claimed that we constantly test our products and stand behind our battery life claims. It also claimed that with great integration between hardware and software, the iPhone is meant to intelligently manage power usage to maximize battery life.

This result for the iPhone XR is surprising, as the battery life of this model was claimed to be one of the strongest of the device. This smartphone is also packed with the best performance and a solid camera for its low price tag, compared to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

In addition, many more discrepancies have also been found with the battery life claims of many other popular smartphone brands like HTC, although not as much as the differences with Apple’s estimates. HTC’s claimed talk time for certain smartphones was 20.5 hours, but on testing, it lasted for only an average of 19.6 hours, for a 5% difference.

Other Smartphones Better Battery Life

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When it comes to Nokia, Sony, and Samsung, it all underestimated the average talk time for their smartphones. Sony smartphones were tested to reach 16 hours of talk time, which was 21% higher than the claimed battery life of 12.6 hours.

Sony’s Xperia Z5 Compact claimed that the model would last 17 hours, but the advocacy group found that it managed to last 25 hours and 52 minutes, for almost 9 extra hours.

To conduct such tests, the fully charged up new units of the smartphones are then measured how long they last when making continuous calls. Interestingly the group also tested to find out how long the devices last using non-stop internet browsing.


Although iPhone models could not meet the claimed battery life tests still the features and its other high-end performances could not demean its value in any way. If you are looking for a stronger battery life smartphone the options are unlimited before you.