Black Diamond

Top Game Technologies’ Black Diamond slot game is one of their best games around that will offer you higher chances of winning big money and bonus prizes. This awesome slot carries 25 paylines on five reels.

The sum of the bid could vary from .01 to 5 per one active payline which makes your total bid cost from 5 cents up to a $125. The game settings will enable you to select the sum of your bid, graphics and sound configurations, and you can also launch an autoplay option where the reels will spin even if you’re just watching unless you want to play it manually.

The Gameplay

It’s safe to say that Black Diamond Slot is one of Top Game Technologies’ best-looking games. The crisp graphics and sound clarity enhances the gameplay. A slick metal frame with detailed light-work on the gems make up the symbols very formal and projects a prestigious feel to this slot game.

Black Diamond Slot Reels

Playing Black Diamond will make you occasionally win small yet special awards. You need 7,000 coins if you want to play big and win a huge jackpot. If you manage to land 5 yellow gem symbols on the reels, you will be rewarded with 6,000 coins. Winning symbols also include emerald, purple gems, and rubies which will reward you with 1,000, 500, and 300 coins each. Two red gems that land on the fifth and first reels will 10 free spins

The Verdict

What Black Diamond slot makes up for brilliant interface with fluid animation and superb sound effects where it lacks in bonus rounds or higher jackpots. While it doesn’t have a huge jackpot, it treats players to frequent and bigger than the usual wins. This makes Black Diamond slot one of the best slot games around to play for real money.