Guide to Spend a Day in Monaco on a Budget

Monaco is known for its classy shops, people, and boats. It is also the home to the exciting F1 track that you’ll see ordinary cars using regularly including the amazing casinos, its glittering lights, and glamour.

But this is not all. It has much more than its billionaire club, which you can do on a budget. Here is a full day plan which is also fun-filled at a low-cost budget which you can enjoy all 24 hours in Monaco.

1. Roam Around in a Bus

Roam Around

Firstly, take a walk down to Monaco town as it is incredibly small and easily covered by foot. Still, if you are not comfortable walking, you can take a bus pass, valid whole day, and can take a tour of the city for €5.50.

To know about the buses you can visit Monaco bus guide and can buy these tickets on-board or can plan before time reviewing the Monaco bus guide.

2. Start with Breakfast

Start with Breakfast
Start with Breakfast

You can start your day in French way and visit the beautiful Valentin café. Located within an old arcade, this place can treat you will all types of pastries that you could ever think of.

If you have a sweet tooth, there is no better place than this. With so many delicious options you’ll be surely spoilt for choice and had more breakfasts in Monaco to sample it all! Drip it down with a coffee and you’re ready for the day ahead.

3. Visit Holy Places

Saint Nicholas Cathedral
The Monaco Cathedral

The Saint Nicholas Cathedral is a magnificent building and offers a sight to behold. Even if you are not spiritual you cannot ignore its significance. It is a place of burial for Monaco’s royal family, which includes Princess Grace and Prince Rainer. It is an integral part of the city’s daily life. You should also go there on Sunday at 10 am to listen to the Monaco Boys Choir mass singing.

4. Sneak Peek into the History


Every city has its history that you cannot miss visiting and knowing. You cannot miss out the changing of the guard at the Prince’s Palace. This change happens every day at 11.55 am. Even if that is not of interest, you still can pay a visit to the palace as it is worth visiting.

Your steep climb will be rewarded by the stunning view of the city from that peak. You will see a clean and astonishing mix of modern with medieval design in the palace. Better to get an audio guide to learn all about it.

5. It’s Lunch Time!


If you are hungry by now, head towards the Chez Edgar for a bite to eat. Here you will get a wide range of dishes for the whole family to enjoy. It includes pizza, pasta, steak tartare and salads. They offer simple food and friendly service, along with some delicious wine.

6. Curtain Call

350 seat Fort Antoine amphitheater

Now it’s time to relax post-lunch and you can visit the fabulous 350-seat Fort Antoine amphitheater, which is very close to your lunch spot. Earlier it was a military watchtower and still carries its ancient features.

Prince Rainier III transformed it into an open-air theater in 1954. It is a great place to relax and a must-visit for historians and theater lovers.

7. Grand Prix

Grand Prix
Grand Prix

How can you forget to visit the Grand Prix place even if you are not an F1 lover? You can reach out there to follow the circuit round and see where these heroes have braved the hairpin bends! You can also take a stroll along the harbor and see the fancy yachts.

8. Bon Appetit


It is time to top off your culinary experience in Monaco and head to Il Fornaio for some Italian delicacies. You will find the dishes cheap and cheerful. The chef is friendly and can offer several tips on anything you want to know about Monaco.

9. Kerching

Monte Carlo iconic casino,
Monte Carlo iconic casino,

No trip can be completed in Monaco with the trip to the Monte Carlo iconic casino, one of the biggest casinos in Europe. It has an amazing palatial design that will make you feel royal just by stepping across the threshold. Till the foyer, you can walk free but to go any further will need to shell out €17.

Or you may also pay a visit to the Sun Casino, which is free, where you can also get complimentary drinks while playing table games! Here you can stay until the small hours.


This is the cheapest and most fabulous way to spend all 24 hours without spending much in Monaco which is known for its splendor, casinos, history, and food.