How To Make Deposit With Perfect Money At Online Casinos?

How to make deposit with prefect money at online casinos

Perfect Money is deposit option now available at online casinos and sports bookies to fund your online casino account. Perfect Money deposit option is more convenient if you want to play to offshore online casinos with other currencies besides USD. This is because w ith Perfect money, you can easily convert your currencies without paying much in terms of exchange fees.  The money is transferred instantly without any hassle.

How to create your account at Perfect Money?

How to create your account at perfect money
Create your account at Perfect Money

You can easily open your Perfect Money online. You need to click on the “Sign up” link at the top of the home page, and then enter your information.

To register yourself you need to fill a short form with your personal details. For registration in the system it is necessary to enter your name. The Name can be any combination of letters.

While completing registration it is necessary to enter the actual postal address of the user which is necessary for future communication such as notifications, money transfers.

Also you will enter your mobile number to get SMS notifications

Once you have put the data correctly, you accept and they will send you an email to the account that in put your real details. In that email, they will send you a code comes like your personal Member ID: 1234567

Now what you are going to do is enter your account by clicking on Login or Enter. Just as in all pages you have to enter your username and password. In the user part you have to put the Code that was sent to your email. You also have to include the password that you have configured before, on the box provided for it.

You also need to  verify your account

To verify it you must go to your “Member Area” or “My Account,” where you have to click on “Change Options.”

Once inside there if you go down a little on the screen that comes out you will see that it puts you in blue color — “Verification of The Account”. You have to click on “Verification Management.”

Finally you only have to upload your documents like your ID proof, Passport or Driving License or any other utility bill that shows your address.

How many types of accounts are with Perfect Money?

 There are two types of popular accounts with Perfect Money.

  1. Personal Account
  2. Business Account

Another type of account is Partner account.

A personal account is intended for individuals and a business account is intended for legal entities. Both types of accounts can be used for business activities with no limitations. 

The Premium/business account is the account with exclusive features, especially when it relates to customer support. This type of status is awarded at the end of the first year or upon reaching a certain level of turnover in the account. A client has a right to submit a special application to upgrade his/her status. Having your status as Premium also offers reduced service fees of 2% as compared to a Normal status.  In addition, Premium Perfect Money account holders are given priority treatments for all deposits and withdrawals. You can register for the Premium accounts for a year.

The Partner account is also a privileged type of account which is usually opened by a representative of a payment system, an exchange or a currency exchange service. The award of this status is a sole decision of the Perfect Money Administration. This status helps companies who do business online to optimize B2B payment processing. Partner accounts come with added benefits such as 1.5% fee for all withdrawals via bank wire transfers and deposit transaction via Pecunix accounts. Also, Partner accounts come with 8% annual interest on the minimal account balance left monthly.

When you register on the Perfect Money system, you can use one of the three different aspects available.

To receive a Premium status, you should be registered in the system for at least 1 year and deposit not less than 100,000 US dollars into your account, or its equivalent in another currency.

How to make a deposit with Perfect Money?

How to make a deposit with perfect money
Make a deposit with perfect money
Minimum depositUSD 50
Maximum depositUSD 100,000 per transaction
Minimum withdrawalUSD 2
Maximum withdrawalUSD 100,000 per transaction
Deposit processing feesFree of charge
Withdrawal processing fees0.5% per transaction
Deposit and withdrawal processing timeInstant

To send money to your casino account or to any account with Perfect money you need to load your internal Perfect Money account. For this  you can use one of the following deposit options:

  • Internal transfer
  • Bank wire
  • Certified Currency Exchange partners
  • E-Voucher
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Exchange

To make a deposit go to the Deposit section of your Personal Area, and click Perfect Money.

In the pop up window, select the casino account you would like to top up, select the deposit currency, and specify the amount you want to deposit, and click Next.

A summary of the transaction will be shown. Double-check all the data and click Confirm payment.

You will be redirected to the Perfect Money website. Choose your desired payment method and complete the transfer.

Once you complete the transaction, funds will be credited to your casino or any other account instantly.

Perfect Money deposits and Bitcoins
Perfect Money Bitcoin Deposits

In order to send money to someone`s mobile phone, you need to specify the amount, the account you want to send money from and the mobile phone number of the receiver. An e-Voucher code will be sent to his/her mobile phone. The receiver has to activate this code for the money to show up in his/her account.

You can send money by e-mail to anyone, even if he/she does not have a Perfect Money account. All you need to do is to indicate the receiver e-mail address, the exact amount and the account you want to send money from. The recipient will receive an e-mail containing a special link to the Perfect Money website. Once registered at Perfect Money, your recipient will be able to get the transfer.

How can I Make a Withdrawal with Perfect Money?

To make a withdrawal click Perfect Money in the Withdrawal section of your Personal Area.

Select the trading account you would like to withdraw funds from, select your withdrawal currency, enter your Perfect Money account number, and specify the withdrawal amount in your trading account currency. Click Next.

A summary of the transaction will be shown. Enter the verification code sent to you either by email or SMS depending on your Personal Area security type. Click Confirm withdrawal.

Funds will be credited to your Perfect Money account in a few moments.

Withdraw Funds To Your Local Account

To withdraw funds from your Perfect Money account to your local account, you can easily use the Bank Transfer option. To begin withdrawal, simply log in to your Perfect Money, and then select “Withdrawal”, then select your transfer option.

Next, fill in all information and generate your withdrawal slip. You will receive the funds in about 24 hours after you have completed your withdrawal process. In addition, you can then your funds in about 3 to 5 business days after completion of your transaction.

When using the Perfect Money feature, you are allowed to withdraw a minimum of $100 per each transaction. There is no maximum allowed amount.

To do so, all you need do is log in and click on “Deposit”, next, pick any of the links displayed to select the kind of deposit, such as:

  • Wire transfer
  • Moment Bank Transfer
  • Direct Deposit
  • Money terminals


Q1. What all can I do with Perfect Money?

  • You can make money transfers between users
  • Accept payments in on behalf of various business projects on the Internet
  • Make regular payments on the Internet
  • Store funds in a secure electronic account and receive interest
  • Pay for goods and services in various online stores
  • Store your assets in cryptocurrency with no risks and no need to set up an additional wallet
  • Buy Bitcoin, gold, USD and EUR currencies online
  • Borrow and lend funds on your own terms

Q2. What currencies are used by Perfect Money?

  • USD (PM units, the equivalent of United States dollar)
  • EUR (PM units, the equivalent of Euro)
  • GOLD (PM units, the equivalent of the precious metal, expressed in troy ounces)
  • Bitcoin (property rights for the publication of entries in the global public database of network on behalf of Perfect Money are reserved by Startup Research & Investments LLC)

Q3. Is Perfect Money like E Wallets?

Perfect Money is an electronic payment system, quite similar to e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller, allowing users to safely transfer their funds without having to disclose their financial information to any third parties.

Q4. Are there many online casinos using Perfect Money?

At this point in time, the number of online casinos accepting Perfect Money is a bit limited but you can still find a decent number of operators accepting this method.

Q5. Can Perfect Money be used for withdrawals?

Yes, you can also use Perfect Money to withdraw funds from an online casino and then send it from your wallet to your withdrawal method of choice (bank account, debit card, etc.).