Is it Easy to Get Married in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is home of 24/7 clock gambling, extravagant events, and shotgun weddings.

For most people, the big day is romance, family and friends, dancing and some drinks. For others, it could be an escape to the city of sin and a ten- minute “ceremony,” sometimes drive-through.

Yes, you can happily get married in Las Vegas. It might cost around a few hundred dollars, as the marriage license office remains open for business until midnight every day, including holidays. Vegas has become a great marriage destination for those looking to get hitched quickly and without spending a fortune.

Vegas Wedding a Dry Spell


These days this business not booming right now for the once-booming kitsch wedding industry in this bustling gambling destination.

It remains the most popular destination for weddings in the US. Estimates believe that this reduction in wedding ceremonies has lost over $1 billion a year in revenues, forcing many chapels to shut.

Revival is On


Despite the drop, there are still 81,000 people who opt for a Vegas tie-up over other possible options. Moreover, Nevada is recently legalizing same-sex marriage which will raise the number substantially higher.

How Easy is Marriage in Las Vegas


Marriage in Las Vegas is a conventionally easy thing to do. It is just one single marriage license, valid ID, and the bride and groom both should be over 18 and have as much as $77 for the county clerk’s office.

No waiting times or any medical check-ups, including blood tests required. The entire process can be started just before to go. Many meet and marry on the whim of a roulette wheel all within fifteen minutes.

Although there is no dress code as such in most venues, for the fancier among you, dresses and suits can be hired on the day.

No passport concerns or surrounding surname changes after the ceremony either, as your travel documentation is still valid until you return home, where your marriage certificate might already be waiting for you.

So isn’t is great and simplicity give hope for the future?

Promotional Campaigns


Las Vegas has launched a promotional campaign recently aiming to change how people see the wedding industry there, to drive the couples and their new money back into the city, with a focus on international tourists.

The fact is, Vegas is also one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations, and its simplicity and relaxed laws are encouraging customers to not only stick around after the wedding but also making such occasions an annual event beginning with their anniversaries.

Now it is you who have to choose the type of wedding you want. As these days many people dislike the idea of walking down an aisle showered in rose petals, unconventional wedding ceremonies have sprung up.

The adventure that is open for you in your wedding in Las Vegas could range from sky diving to marrying submerged in an aquarium.


So, is there any plan to get married in Las Vegas or plans to attend any marriage there? You will be surprised to know, it will be worth!