Is it Safe to Play Casino Games on the Phone?

The biggest fear that people have with when they are using their smartphones is safety. The key to keeping your private information safe when using a smartphone is the same no matter what site you visit. You have to use common sense. One of the primary concerns for people today is – is it safe to play casino games on the phone? The best part is that it is safer to play mobile casino games than it is to play online casino games on your desktop computer.

The casinos understand the importance of keeping their guests’ information private. They make sure that all of the financial transactions are done over a secure connection. That is only the start of what they do.

Casinos make sure they advertise themselves in three ways. This type of advertisement is common and uses familiar wording. Mobile casinos advertise themselves as safe, secure, and fair. They do this because that is what the visitors to online casinos expect and want.

Here are the tips that you must follow if you are concerned about is it safe to play casino games on the phone?


1. Outside Certification

While all of the casinos say they offer a safe and secure environment, there are several things that a user can check to make sure that this is true. The first way to look to see if they have been certified by an outside agency. ECogra (e-commerce gaming regulation online assurance) and TST (Technical Systems Testing) are two of the certifications that casinos can get to show that they are safe, fair, and secure.

They will monitor the casino sites regularly to make sure they are taking the necessary steps to ensure customer privacy.

2. Payment Methods

One of the key elements of security is the type of payment method that is used. If a casino accepts credit cards, the customers can get the extra layer of protection against fraud that the credit card companies provide. Other secure electronic payment methods include Neteller, Skrill, and Entropay. While these methods do allow for secure and fast transfers of money, they are only as good as the casino that is using them.

The payments do allow for instant transfer of cash to fund an account, but they do not guarantee that any money will be withdrawn from a player’s account as quickly. Many casinos do not process the withdrawals as quickly and this can cause problems for any users of the casinos.


3. Software

Another area to check is the type of software that is used to run the casino. The three most popular are Playtech, Microgaming, and RTG. The software developed by these companies is known for offering a safe environment for all of the players including those that use the mobile versions.

The bottom line is that playing at one of the many online casinos can be safe and fun. The key is to take some time to make sure that the right casino is chosen. Make sure that you consider the casino’s reputation, the type of software they use, the type of banking methods they use, and the countries they are allowed to operate. It’s a great idea to search for reviews that provide this information about a casino.

You can also possible to find out information from others that have used the casino. It is worth taking the time to make sure that the casino you choose will provide you with eh experience that you want and that it will provide you with safe, secure and fair gaming while you are on a smartphone.

4. No Case of Virus Attack

No Case of Virus Attack
No Case of Virus Attack

Your computer can be infected and attached with viruses or Trojans enabling you your personal or financial information to be compromised. But to date, no Android or iPhone has been infected or compromised giving you complete peace of mind that playing casino games on your smartphone is a safe option.

It is much easier to play mobile games outside your home than to play desktop games. When you leave the safety of your home network you can never be 100% certain that you are using a safe connection. Despite all the news around the HTTPS protocol, this is a technology that brings its risks and perils.

When you are using a free Wi-Fi zone, verify the network you see as you connect to them. Hackers have been known to install rogue Wi-Fi routers near legitimate free hotspots and they give their networks names that look and sound as to be official.

5. Ensure you use Correct Network

Make sure to use the correct network in your neighborhood. If you are using the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, a hacker might create another similar fake Wi-Fi network, in a hope some people will use that network for the sake of avoiding the crowd on the first network.

6. Use Intermediary Payment Gateway

If you use your mobile or tablet to make payments when you are connected with a casino, try to use an intermediary payment gateway as much as possible. Of course, they may not all work with online gambling sites, the less often you use your banking system when you are using free Wi-Fi the better it is.

7. Use Personal Wireless Provides for Sensitive Account

Use Personal Wireless Provides for Sensitive Account
Use Personal Wireless Provides for Sensitive Account

Make sure to use your wireless provider, when you do need to log onto your most sensitive accounts disabling any other or private Wi-Fi. Such networks are less likely to be infected, hacked, and cannot replace casual rogue wireless networks.

8. Disable Bluetooth when not in use

This tip is also to play safe. If you don’t need to use Bluetooth then disable it. Your mobile device will keep trying to connect to the nearby Bluetooth devices, including other mobile devices and laptops that hackers may be used to identify unsupervised Bluetooth activity.


You should gamble safely and responsibly. For this, you would require a bit more mindfully and awareness of the connected environment you are using. Don’t trust anything until you have learned which free networks you can and should rely upon. Responsible gambling is necessary as it guards you against creating problems for yourself. Above listed are the tips that you must follow if you are concern about it is safe to play casino games on phone!