Naughty or Nice

When it comes to slot machines, there are times when thy can be naughty and take all of your money and there are times when they are nice and give their players big payouts. Real Time Gaming has put these two themes together in one video slot machine that offers excellent graphics and amazing audio. It is a great experience that everyone enjoys whether they win or not.

The Game

Naughty or Nice is a five reel, 50 pay line machine. There are plenty of ways that people can bet or win with this game. With a maximum bet of 250 coins and $5.00, the payouts for a jackpot can be big. The largest jackpot is 10,000 coins.

The game is based on a Christmas theme. This is the time of year when being naughty or nice is very important and those that can find the right symbols will be rewarded with a boatload of presents in the form of coins.

What may surprise players about this machine is the lack of a wild symbol or a multiplier symbol. There is a scatter symbol that comes in the form of the naughty or nice symbol. This scatter symbol can trigger the free spin game when 3 or more appear on the screen during a game. If the player gets 3 scatter symbols their winnings during the free spins are multiplied 10 times, 4 scatter symbols reward 20 times and 5 scatter symbols reward players with 200 times the winnings.

The combination of the large number of pay lines with the chance to get a huge multiplier are what attracts people to this game. That combined with the outstanding graphics and superior audio are just an additional stocking stuffer.