Online Poker Sites for Mac Users

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Initially, no online poker sites offered Mac-compatible software for the Mac players but with Apple’s resurgence over the last decade, it’s now become a potential market not easy to ignore.

There are some websites that came up with in-browser software that comfortably run on OSX, Window, and even Linus but when it comes to Mac platform the best Mac poker sites are now having dedicated Mac software.

There are many poker sites now on board with OSX and all these poker sites have now introduced downloadable software especially optimized for Mac users. It is to consider that not all Mac poker sites are created equal. We have carefully selected the top online poker sites for Mac and talked about some other details about Online Poker for Mac here in this blog. Read on our complete list of Mac poker sites below!




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Online Poker for Mac

Online Poker Sites of Mac Users

It is quite evident and known by all that Apple Computers (Alias “Mac”) is the world’s first-ever Trillion dollar company that have revolutionized the computing segment and the world at large over the past 20 years.

Same can be said about the Mac for the online poker space as well. In the initial days of the industry, when Mac users were a very limited chunk of computer users, it was practically tough to find an online poker casino that was powered by full Mac online poker software for any player to download and play on.

In fact, there were no casinos with this arrangement. Actually, some had no download poker options even what to talk of the best a full poker software suite.

With the release of the iMac G3 and iBook in the late 90s, Apple altogether turned the table. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptop computers continued to manufacture and process iPhone and iPad also and they gradually became the most universally used and desired mobile computer products ever.

With the ever-growing demand for Apple products all over the world, it was impossible for the top poker sites to stay away from including these Mac users to their potential customers’ list. When the first site started introducing new casino software compatible with Mac users, the rest of the industry followed suit.

Today it’s is very easy to find a great Mac poker client with the top online poker sites like 888poker, PokerStars, PartyPoker etc. Locating Mac-compatible tracking software to go along with it is equally easy.

At the same time, it is equally important there are many great (and free) Mac poker apps to download and play games on your iPhone or iPad.

Difference between Mac Poker for Mac Poker Instant Play and Downloadable Download and Version

Mac Poker Instant Play and Downloadable Download and Version

You can find the online poker software in three different basic forms – full-featured, downloadable software that you can download to your desktop or laptop, and a mobile poker application that you can download to your smartphone or tablet and start playing instantly which is also called “no download poker.”

The first one, obviously, is the most feature-packed and decent one with all kinds of customization options available. This can be played on a full computer which is aptly powered to run at its best capacity although it consumes only a little of your available computer storage. This type of game is used by most people who play online poker on their home computer.

The second type of most popular option these days is a mobile poker app, which you can download to your mobile or tablet. For Mac users, they can download on their Mac or iPad.

All of the popular poker sites now have top-rated iPhone poker apps that provide virtually all types of features to the desktop players but with simplified tables, betting functions, and lobbies.

You may find and access a complete range of games available to all players but there are certain things like multi-tabling and customization that are slightly limited. Still, being an average player, it might be tough for you to make out the difference.

With so many new poker variations like Fast-Fold Poker wherein you are instantly moved to a new table with a new hand, and Jackpot Spin & Gos wherein the prizes are randomly multiplied even before the start of the tournament, mobile poker is getting better and popular than ever before.

The final one and least popular form of playing online poker are ‘in-browser’ or ‘no-download.’ This means you play the games using an internet browser e.g. Explorer or Firefox without downloading any of the software or apps.

So, whatever your preference of playing poker online, being a Mac player there is ample opportunities and apps available online to help you play games on your Mac.