Poker Freeroll Strategies That Don’t Work & That Does

Poker Freeroll Strategies That Dont Work That Does

Have you ever thought why you could not win any of poker freerolls you play? For new players, it is also called bankroll boosters, exclusive ‘New Player’ events etc. It appears that using freeroll you can make some easy money but they all end up in frustration and bad beat stories.

The reason could be that you’re doing it wrong!

Here are 3 main poker freeroll strategies that can help you win!

1) Going All-In All of the Time

Going All In All of the Time

How often have you been cowed down by that player who just moves all-in every single hand? Too often, right? Do you know why it happens often?

If you hope it is often done on purpose to favor a worse player and at the same time trying to make you come back, you should think again. It’s simple. You’re not losing as often as you think. If you jot down the hands where you call a random all-in with a better hand you will find you are quite close to what equity expects.

Don’t get frustrated and just push in all the time. It will not take too much time until you’re picked off by a big pair.  You can try out this strategy; after all, you are not going to lose anything!

2) Playing ABC Poker

Playing ABC Poker

Forget all the poker strategy articles you’ve gone through as the freeroll world works altogether differently. Often most of the strategies do not work at times.  Do you think a 3x raise with a good hand can bring you closer to winning if other players have something similar to it? It isn’t going to happen ever. Here the concept of “raise and take” is also not easy and absent from this world. Try it, you’ll come to know.

3) Bluffing

Carlo De Benedittis faces a difficult decision

When playing in a freeroll, don’t bluff. You should not even think of it ever. Do you know why? Because of the seven people at your table right now, probably 3 are not aware how to play, 2 are playing in all the freerolls they can find and 2 don’t bother at all what they’re doing!

They are all there just to play, enjoy and learn. Each and every one of your bluffs will be called by a random hand from someone who doesn’t appreciate he shouldn’t call. Still, he’ll have the better hand. You cannot find a common sense here. Do not try to find even.

Strategies that Work for Freerolls

As it has already been established that all traditional strategies don’t work and we’re mostly facing bad and inexperienced players under the influence, let’s see what will work for freerolls now!

1) Limp Often

Limp Often

Any hand that you raise from the early position you’ll probably be faced by an all-in even in Level 1. You can raise your A-K and J-J+ but don’t forget that you’ll always be up at least above two or three players. If you will check a poker odds calculator to realize your equity against two random hands; it does not have a good record.

Better to try with a lot of hands and play the flop. The later your place, the more hands you can flop. If you flop two pairs, give it a push. If you flip a set, push again. There’s always somebody having with top pair or even just over cards like A-Q.

2) Call with Top-Top

Call with Top Top

Just remember, you must not play good hands too aggressively. You’ll sometimes look at 9-5 or even 4-2, but often at A-Q, K-K, Q-Q, A-J, J-J or even just second pair. Do not forget that the top pair and top kicker would be the best hand generally.

3) Be Patient

Be Patient

If you happen to come across pocket jacks or better, don’t play slow. Don’t try to trap; don’t try to be over smart. Keep pushing all-in and keep waiting. Worse hands will call you and, they may often will as well often, they have to as you never have 100% equity pre-flop. You may build a big stack very soon.

Just do not forget these simple yet effective rules and you will spare yourself a lot of frustration. And if you are dedicated to winning some online real poker, you’ll have to put up some real money.