Can I play on my cell phone when I am on the subway

4 cell phone on subway

The average time that people take to commute to work in the United States is around 25 minutes. Depending on where you live and how you get to work, that time can be much shorter or it could be much longer. In big cities such New York, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia one of the best ways to commute to work is the subway. It is usually faster, easier and more relaxing than trying to drive through heavily congested streets during rush hour. Even with the subway, a person will still spend 30 minutes or more commuting to work on the subway.

Since a person has to go to and from work, that is an hour a day spent on the subway. Many people look for something to do while they are riding on the subway. Besides avoiding traffic, that is one of the best things about this mode of transportation. It frees you up to do whatever you want during your traveling. A popular thing that people wonder if they can do while on the subway is whether they can play at their favorite online casino while they are riding the rails.

Unfortunately, like many other questions regarding online gambling, the answer is yea and no. If it is legal to play at the mobile online casinos in the state where you are riding on the subway, than you can use your cell phone to play on them. If it is not legal to play in the location you are out, you wil not be able to play.

If you overcome the first obstacle of the location, the second thing you will need to worry about is your cell phone service. If youa re playing a free casino game that you have downloaded to your phone, than you will still be able to play. If you are playing at one of the casinos that require an internet connection, you may have some problems. You will need to have a consistent internet connection while you are trying to play the games at the casino. This is not always possible when riding on a subway.

The subway does travel beneath the streets and although they are improving the cell phone coverage in the subways, it is not always perfect. If you have a good cell provider, you may not have any problems. There will be some providers that cannot provide the connection you need while traveling on a subway. You will have to check that out as you take your ride to and from work to find out.

When the service is available and the location allows you to gamble online, playing casino games on the subway is not only possible, it is fun to do. Imagine being surrounded by others as you start to celebrate winning a huge progressive jackpot. You will have to control your emotions or you could get into trouble with people around you. It can add another layer of excitement to playing at online casinos on smartphones. Give it a try if you can.