Do You Want to be a Kingpin? Here’s How to Start your Own Online Casino

Are you an avid online gaming fan who wants to start an online casino? Here’s how you can get started.

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The online gambling and casino industry is on the rise. More countries are now regulating online gambling and more US states are legalizing its operations. The most recent development happened in New York, when State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill to formally legalize the daily fantasy sports contests and activities in the state.

The online gambling market is expected to have a steady growth over the next three years and will eventually make 56.5 billion US dollar in 2018. A staggering increase which the industry owes to the state-of-the-art casino software to enhance the gameplay, graphics, and sound effects of casino games.

Most people would want to earn some money playing casino games, but only a few would dream of starting their own online casino business. If the entrepreneur in you is itching to jumpstart your own online casino company, now is the right time to get ahead of the pack. The key here is to promote your casino to a specific target audience while exploring potential target customers as well. Meticulous qualitative market research helps you to begin your master plan.

Remember that you need to have timetables and action plans within your master plan that you will integrate to make every aspect complement each other. For instance, if you have a decent online casino software provider but nobody knows about that you’re offering quality games, and then it’s time to improve your marketing initiatives. Given that idea, we will emphasize on two aspects to get you started in creating your own online casino – Technology and Marketing.

Attain a Technological Competitive Edge

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Online casinos are successful because they have an alternative approach compared to physical casinos. The first crucial step when you decide to start your own online casino business is to find and assess software provider options. This will enable you to determine what type of casino games and technology you want to implement for your first phase of operations. This shouldn’t be rocket science, before you begin searching for providers online, it’s always a best practice to have a bulleted list on what you are looking for and expectations from a software provider. It’s essential to include these in your priorities to establish the foundation of your online casino to entice players and convert them into loyal customers:

1.) Multi-Channel Solution

This makes your online casino more flexible, players will appreciate that they have the liberty to choose and play through a number of platforms. A multi-channel solution makes first-time players come back to play some more, and before you know it, they are already your loyal customers.

2.) Customer Eccentric User Interface

User interface is crucial to make your visitors stay on your site. A user-friendly UI turns a mere visitor into an actual player. They should be informed with a comprehensive set of details and FAQs when they land on your online casino. An effective yet enticing user interface determines if you’re just the usual online casino or an excellent one.

3.) Back Office Support

Back office tools are your best pals when it comes to business practices, task monitoring, and payment services. Remember to assess the back office functions and special features of software providers, if it’s seamless and smooth then that should be on top of your list.

Back office tools determine how easily you will be able to keep track of tasks, marketing, payment services and business practices. This applies to game integration as well.

4.) Customer Service Support

A set of back office tools will complement your internal operations, but a software provider’s customer service support will be your co-pilot in operating your business. It’s important that a provider has decent CSR practices to complement the technological aspect of your operations.

5.) Game Categories

Online gaming is about offering diverse options and categories for players to return and play more. Once you assume your role of an online casino owner, it’s important to know the top games from Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and, NetEnt. If you are an online gaming fan yourself, then you what your customers want.

Marketing your Online Casino

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Preparing your tools is only knowing half the battle, it’s important to make the most out of your technology to complement the marketing aspect your business. Check for a software provider that will offer a fully-featured CRM system, an affiliate marketing solutions tool, and banner display management. These are top essentials in promoting your online casinos to your target segment. The great thing about having a Customer Relationship Management tool is that you will be able to analyze big data in order to come up with feasible data-driven marketing strategies.

Social media marketing is another option to consider. As social media use continues to increase, it’s important to reach your target audience on relevant social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The key here is establish a relevant content marketing plan and assume human voice to entice potential customers to give your online casino a try. Playing online games is a breeze, but once you become an online casino owner it won’t be a stroll in the park. Always keep in mind that it requires time and effort to manage an online casino.