Things to Know about Branded Slots

There are many themes when it comes to slots. Slots have been given personalities based on many concepts. Few things have the pulling power branded slots can do when it comes to attracting players. The branded slot that takes a concept after an overly famous pop culture reference. However, it should be kept in mind that these references are not limited to entertainment from only movies, board games, books, celebrities, TV, cartoons, superheroes, and music. Here are the Things to Know about Branded Slots.

A brand can have a hefty price tag in the licensing fees form. To make the venture worthwhile, depositors may make pour additional ideas or resources because of this. However, that is not always the case. Some developers have this idea that players can be entertained just by putting on a shining package. Modern players however want their famous faces to go with solid gaming which was unlike the case in the past. Keeping this in mind to navigate our way through the great and not so great ones, let’s dive right into the branded slots category

Why branded Slots?

Why branded Slots 1
Why branded Slots?

When you think from a developer’s point of view, a game can be created which comes with a readymade audience. Even if the slot is bad, people would just rush into experience something that they love and give the game a try. Branded slots are not all created equal hence reviews and demos are important in this.

There are some cases where little thought has gone into the development of the game and just the packaging is shiny. There are also cases where the brand is considered to be super interesting and exciting because of the well-integrated gameplay and mechanics. These are the ones that can attract a large audience and give the best gaming experiences to their viewers.

Fun and winning potential that can be found on any other slot for players, branded slots can offer that. The only difference is the excitement that follows you like when you meet a celebrity in real life. Due to its vast and wide range with an increase in growth potential means that you are bound to experience one of your favorite shows or movies in the slot.

How did branded slots come about?

How did branded slots come about 1
How did branded slots come about?

The developers are quick to spot an opportunity where merchandising is seen because it makes real money for the movie. Made by the early pioneer Microgaming, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2004 was the first branded slot to hit the online casino industry. A massive hit resulted in its sequels to star everyone’s fan-favorite tomb raider.

Starting a trend that saw no signs of abating, WMS was also one of the early ones that introduced Monopoly-themed games to the scene. With Avengers slots starring Thor and Iron Man, Playtech was also on the same path. They are however impossible to track down now because of the Marvel and Disney partnership.

Should you play branded slots?

Should you play branded slots.jg
Should you play branded slots?

There is no reason not to indulge in a branded slot that you like and match your play style and bankroll requirements. It would have been possible that in the past there were tendencies to find lower RTPs due to the high-cost involvement of licensing games but it is not the case now. Always go through the paytable where you will find the ever-important return to player rating. Along with reading reviews about a slot, there is also the option in most of the branded slots to demo them so that the player can have a strong idea of how the game works.

What types of branded slots are there?

What types of branded slots are there 1

There may be some slots that are more abundant than the others. Nevertheless, the varieties are vastly spread. With a few examples to have a look at, below are the three most crucial and famous subcategories. If you pop the branded slot list this would seem like a drop of water compared to the ocean that branded slot is.

1. Movies

movie themed slots 1
movie-themed slots

With many silver screen stars gracing the reels, movie-themed slots are hugely popular. These slots are sold out with characters from films with their video clips, soundtracks, and effects. Some of the examples are Jurassic Park, 80’s cult classic Gremlins, Terminator 2, or Beetlejuice Megaways and The Goonies as well. Some of the infamous slots of Blueprint Gaming are Mars Attack, Beavis and Butthead, and Sausage party that has wacky and rich-featured branded slots.  

2. Television

When it comes to home entertainment, nowadays it has been on the rising curve with Television. Streaming services are drowning in money more than ever and choices are more spoilt for slots players. There is a perfect analogy between the staggering budgets and intricate plots of the TV shows that the writers can pull off. However, it is all the more profitable to make a crossover with loads of TV shows. Some of the famous ones are namely Survivor Megaways, Conan, Friends, Game of Thrones, Narcos, and Vikings.

3. Music


The music theme is also one of the popular ones that have been taking over the branded slots theme industry. Some of them are from developers like Play’n GO. Twisted Sister is one of the 80’s rockers that you can find along with the Village People Macho Moves and Testament.

4. Anything else?

From Hoffmania you can find several weird and wonderful stuff to several Playboy slots. Nowadays, video games are also a rising subcategory in the branded slots themed industry. Red& came up with one of the most popular games in the world called Tetris Extreme in the slots industry while NetEnt came up with the coin slots inspired Street Fighter 2. Some of the rising sports branded slots are Let’s Get Ready to Rumble and by putting in the famous voice who says this is making them a lot of money already.

Which are the best-branded slots to play?

Which are the best branded slots to play

Choosing a branded slot is a very subjective and personal matter because we all have different opinions. Some may enjoy going off on the Guns ‘n Roses soundtrack while others might hate the specific band.


So in conclusion, it can be said that the best-branded slot is whatever interests you the most. Here are things to Know about Branded Slots. It is not entirely true that top brands only can make top slots. Hence go on and read the reviews to get a better understanding. The mathematical model is something you should always look up to instead of the audio-visual attraction. As much as it applies to any other slot of the world it also highly applies to the branded slot.