Things to know about Mobile Blackjack

The use of cell phones has become insidious and ubiquitous. Playing casino games on phone is equally popular including blackjack. Here are Things to know about Mobile Blackjack.

Most internet casinos offer specially built versions of their most popular games as apps that you can use on any kind of cell, from cell phones to tablet computers.

The first step to signing up for a cell phone blackjack app is to for the tech specs for the casino. Not all casino apps are compatible with all mobile tools. It would be a shame to invest a lot of time and effort into signing up for an online casino only to learn that it won’t work with your device.

Cellphone compatible casino games come in 2 forms:

  • Instant play games
  • Downloadable apps

An instant play game you can play in your browser window. You do not have to download an app to play this kind of game. Instant play blackjack games are typically compatible with any kind of mobile device.

Downloadable apps offer better functionality, sound effects, and graphics. The play is generally smoother, too, even though you have to wait for the website to respond.

How to get started on a cellphone app

How to get started on a cellphone app
How to get started on a cellphone app

Playing blackjack on a phone app is similar in most ways to playing blackjack at an online casino via any other device. You’re be dealing with a video game version of the card game, but the random number generator duplicates the odds you would see if you were playing with a real deck of cards. Whether you play the instant version or the downloadable version. This is one of the basic Things to know about Mobile Blackjack.

For the most part, your options at each stage of the game will be represented by an icon on the touchscreen. Here are some of the options you’d have in any other blackjack game:

  • Hitting
  • Standing
  • Doubling down
  • Splitting
  • Surrendering
  • Taking insurance

You also use the touchscreen to set the size of your bet and to initiate the hand.

Play for free or real money?

Play for free or real money
Play for free or real money

It’s a standard marketing practice at all online casinos to offer you free play initially. Hence you can play free blackjack. The site gives you a fake account with bogus credits that have no cash value. The rest of the game plays just like it would if you were playing for real money.

But you can use this free play opportunity to learn many things like:

  • You can practice basic strategy.
  • You can learn how the controls work before risking any real money.
  • You can determine whether or not you’ll enjoy playing for real money at that particular casino.
  • You can also search for apps that aren’t necessarily powered by online casinos at all. These apps offer free games.  

Otherwise, you can play for real money, you can do that, too. A lot of online casinos operate overseas and still accept United States players, but not all of them. But make sure the casino you’re interested in actually accepts real money players from the United States before deciding to download their app.

You need to register an account at a real money casino, even if you’re going to play exclusively via their app. That’s easy enough to do. You just input your name, address, phone number, and some other particular concerning your identity. Then you can just deposit money into your account and start playing blackjack. This is one of the Things to know about Mobile Blackjack.

Cellphone blackjack players have the same deposit and withdrawal options as any other player at an online casino. You can use a credit card to fund your casino account, but that’s next to impossible in some jurisdictions. You can also use e-wallets like BitCoin.

The signup bonuses for players of mobile blackjack are also the same as they would be for the desktop version of the casino. All the similar restrictions apply.

Should you use a cellphone app?

Should you use a cellphone app
Should you use a cellphone app

Of course, the blackjack app is more convenient than almost any other version of the game. This is both a plus and a minus. Convenience is amazing unless you’re a gambling addict or something.

One other concern online gamblers have to face is whether or not their chosen casino and its app are roguish or not.

A rogue casino isn’t only the one that cheats at the games. Although players can and do win money—sometimes a lot of it. In those cases, a player might want to cash out his winnings. This is where the integrity of the casino comes into play.

Remember, an honest, trustworthy site processes withdrawals promptly. But some rogue casinos will often delay withdrawals. Some players report never being able to withdraw their winnings. This is one of the Things to know about Mobile Blackjack.

So better look for recommended and trustworthy gambling information portals.

A casino that was trustworthy yesterday might have a change of heart tomorrow. Your best bet is to gamble with money that you can afford to lose.

Also, the functionality of mobile blackjack apps doesn’t always compare favorably to desktop software.


Cellphone blackjack apps are a boon for players who are in a hurry and/or on the go all the time. Probably more than 50% of the people who are surfing the internet are doing so from a mobile device of some sort. These are the Things to know about Mobile Blackjack.