Top 13 Android Fitness App to have

Android apps are one of the most helpful and must-have apps that you cannot avoid if you own an Android Smartphone. It becomes even more necessary when it comes to having fitness and self-improvement apps. Here are the Top 13 Android Fitness App to have.

Regardless, what is your personal choice of requirement, I have listed here some of the most promising and helpful fitness and self-improvement Android apps that you must have.

Fitness Apps you must have

1. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava is a nice tracking app when it comes to monitoring your runs or cycling routes via GPS. It gamifies your regular workout and pairs with achievements, leaderboards, and challenges, offering a competitive spirit to your routine. It is also packed with Android Wear support.


2. Runtastic

Runtastic can be considered as a smartphone staple. It has a simple interface without sacrificing advanced features. This no-frills app uses your smartphone’s sensors to monitor metrics, like your distance and relative pace, along with calories burned and your heart rate. It is also equipped with some added features, like workout diary and 3D mapping which complements the app’s wearable integration.


3. Runkeeper

It works as your personal trainer by tracking your runs and steps through GPS. Using this application, you can get a detailed stats on your workouts, you can also listen Turn your phone into a personal trainer and track your runs via GPS. You can get detailed stats on your workouts, can also listen to music, get audio cues to spur you on, and share your progress.


4. Daily Yoga

Yoga is undoubtedly powerful. It not only strengthens your core, but also increases flexibility and concentration, and reduces stress. In addition, it can help you reduce weight and stay healthy. Daily yoga helps you through daily yoga routines of different difficulty and length, and step-by-step guides, HD videos displaying exactly how to do each pose.


5. Google Fit

Price: Free

Google Fit

One of the better fitness apps, Google Fit is free to use and has many different features such as customized tips, fitness goal tracking, and integration with other apps, for instance, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal. Strava, and many others. Hardware support is also available in these apps such as OS smartwatches and Xiaomi MI Bands. Due to its integration with other fitness apps, this app is more recommended to users and is more versatile than many other free fitness apps as well.


6. MyFitnessPal

Price: Free / $9.99 per month / $49.99 per year


One of the most popular fitness apps on mobile, MyFitnessPal can do a little bit of everything. Recommended as a calorie counter app, it advises you with various foods, diets, and macros if you care about that. Its other features include tracking of any exercise, multiple apps connection, progress tracker, and also workout timers as well as a step tracker. It is not free and can be bought at $9.99 per month. The price might be a bummer however it is all worth it when you realize that not many apps are like MyFitnessPal out there providing such diverse services.


7. Sworkit

Price: Free / $29.99 per 3 months / $79.99 per year


One of the highest fitness grossing apps, Sworkit has some decent features such as exercise planner and fitness tracker. It is a well-designed workout app that advises you with most daily routines and also a six-week program to plan your schedule for the days. There are several exercises, stretches, and different other activities in the app. All kinds of exercises are available whether it is a five minute stretch in your office or even a no holds barred over the top workout at your home. Due to its flexibility, this app is a little bit expensive.


8. You Are Your Own Gym

Price: $4.99 + Varies

You Are Your Own Gym

An above-average workout app, “You Are Your Own Gym” features many different activities and exercises that require equipment. There are over 200 exercises designed for you into various categories. Video tutorial options are available as well for each exercise if the plugin is added which is a little old and its UI may not be that good. The single cost makes it all the worth to try this out.


9. Stronglifts 5×5

Price: Free / $9.99 per 3 months / $19.99 per year

Stronglifts 5×5

In the style of 5×5 weightlifting, Stronglifts 5×5 is a decent strength training app. You need to do five sets of reps although you need to go through excruciating stamina through those five reps and in such a way that you are maxed out at the end of it. The workout schedule is very specific in it. For three days a week, you need to work out for 45 minutes. Different features such as tracking, Wear OS support, and graphs are available in the app. People enjoy this app and are fairly popular. The subscription can be a bit atrocious however that is only if you buy a yearly subscription for it. Free features are also available throughout the app.


10. Workit

Price: Free / Up to $4.99


A combo of strength training and a workout tracker app, Workit can be considered way more manual than its competitors. Infinite workout routines can be created in this app. This app guides you through your progress during a workout by working as a workout tracker. Features like BMI calculator and progress storing pictures are also available in the premium version of the app. The storing pictures is a way through which you can identify the difference in your gains or losses. The UI is decent and the app is relatively cheaper than the others.


11. Nike Run Club

Price: Free

Nike Run Club

An incredibly decent running app, Nike Run Club can do all the basic stuff. You can customize your routines, track your runs, and run stats. Other features include achievements, audio-guided workouts, and leaderboards so that you can keep track and stay motivated throughout your workout. This app may be considered as an above-average running app and is entirely free which is worth a try. There may be better features when it comes to other apps but if you are looking for something free, this app is the best choice for you.


12. Zombies, Run!

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $24.99 per year

Zombies, Run!

One of the more enjoyable running apps, Zombies, Run! Convinces you of an interactive story that motivates you to run from a horde of zombies. Hence, you stay curious and fit at the same time because the more you run, the more storyline you unlock. There are even moments in the game that will get you to run from zombies for real. A track of your running stats and stuff is kept in this app. The pro version is better because it features over 300 story missions and many different playing modes. This app makes running look like a game and that is the most exciting part of this app. Pokemon GO is another fitness app that was widely popular a couple of years ago that you can try.



Price: Free / $4.99


An exceptional fitness tracker app, FitNotes requires no account sign-ups and works offline. Some of the things you can do with this app keep a calendar for your workout plan, customize the app, indulge in a lot of cardio and resistance exercises. The UI is decent looking and resourceful. Dropbox and Google Drive cloud supports are also available in this app. It keeps itself a little more manual than the other apps. There is also a premium version of this app, which it is only to support the developer and does not add any other exciting features.



Above-listed is the top 13 Android Fitness Apps to have. It will not only reduce your stress but keep you fit and healthy. So try out these fitness apps and have fun and fitness both.