Top 4 Casinos in Chicago you Must Visit

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When we think of Chicago, an image of magnificent buildings, amazing shopping attractions, high rise infrastructure and the abundance of tourist and other events pop up in our mind. It is a great fusion of nations, welcoming environment, the splendid bright street lights and the unique picturesque view that appear at night when you reach any top floor of a high-rise building. Obviously, there are worth–visiting places also.

Chicago is similar to the NY city that never sleeps, something or the other keeps you engaged all night – the thrill and excitement are always at the maximum level. A major role to play in keeping up this night live is of Casinos in the Chicago area which is just amazing and excellent in all aspects. When it comes to gambling you do not have to visit the Las Vegas for an authentic experience of gambling, Chicago is a great alternative.

Here are top 5 high-end casinos in Chicago that can make you feel at home with great games, accommodation, customer services and architecture.

  1. Horseshoe Casino


Horseshoe Casino

It’s a casino with loads of fun, entertainment, luxury, conveniences, and facilities to enjoy your day and night, enabling you to relax with some really cool and engaging games. Located in Hammond, this Casino offers not only amazing gaming experience but also affordable restaurants and guest rooms.

Horseshoe Casino is equipped with 2,000 slot machines and 100 gambling tables for the delight and entertainment of the guests. Visit this casino, have a great time, find your lucky table and you will soon realize that Horseshoe Casino is the place where you will get all the entertainment and luxury you deserve and look for – a great dinner, a popular singer’s performance. Your every stress and concern will convert to pleasure and relaxation by the indoor swimming pool. Their number of games includes Blackjack, Roulette, Spanish 21, Baccarat, Craps, and many other games that are available along in two separate gambling zones for the most demanding and elite guests.

  1. Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf

Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf

This casino is coupled with 500 luxurious guest rooms at a reasonable price. You can enjoy Ride, blackjack, roulette, Caribbean stud poker here. Here you get more than 1,000 slot and video poker machines. This casino is always packed with visitors and relentlessly offering fun and excitement all year round. If you want to keep the night out memories alive for years, Isle Casino Hotel is the perfect place.

You get a range of slot machines and tables to satiate your gambler instinct and the best of all is that the casino floor has been renovated turning it to be a non-smoking floor. It is important to have enough leisure free time to spend as you will be swayed away with the atmosphere which is amazingly engrossing. Try your luck, make your day and nightlife glamorous and relax here to get ready to face the hassle and bustle of your life ahead. Do not forget to enjoy a fine dine in the restaurant where you will be served with classy meals prepared by world-class chefs.

  1. Majestic Star Casino

Majestic Star Casino

Majestic Star Casino is located 40 minutes away from downtown Chicago. It provides majestic facilities and an atmosphere that is mesmerizing.  It offers nearly 70 table games including Roulette, Let it Ride, Blackjack, Boston 5 Poker, mini-baccarat and many more including 2,400 slot machines. You may play any slot machine ranging from a penny and 25$. You can avail the Majestic Star rewards that allow you to take part in various tournaments and special promotions.

There are three restaurants also delivering a world-class dining experience to satisfy your exquisite taste. On regular basis, you will be surprised with more and more exclusive features each time. It is an amazing place for a night out or a weekend holiday.

  1. Par-a-dice Casino

Par a dice Casino

If you want to spend some time in seclusion away from the noise but avoid going toward the countryside, Par-a-dice casino is the place that can welcome you with all the warmth. It is smaller in size compared to the other casinos mentioned above, with little more than 200 rooms but the facilities, staff, service the excitement and amazing and endless.  It is noteworthy that they only attend and welcome guests aged 21 or over to stay on the premises where they can play 1,200 slot machines and 23 table games.

You must sign up for a bulletin and keep track of the latest discounts and promotions this casino has to offer. You will be able to find your favorite slot machine or a table game as there are several staff members more than happy to explain to you the basics of each game. At Par-a-dice Casino you will find something for every gambler irrespective of your being an experienced or a first-timer. Though it is comparatively smaller, the features it offers are no less than the service any other large casino offers.

These are some of the amazing and high-class top casinos in Chicago that you may visit and enjoy your time with some really cool and great deals.