Top 5 Free-to-play Action Games

With thousands of amazing free-to-play games to select from, it’s possible to get confused and make a bad choice. The fact is, “Free-to-play” no longer means a low level of quality, either, and we’ve compiled a list of titles that give full-priced video games a run for their money.

Here listed are some of the best free-to-play action games that you can play right now, regardless of whether you are going to play it on a PC or console.

Top 4 Free-to-play Action Game

1. Warframe


You will find a unique fusion of futuristic science-fiction aesthetic of games like Mass Effect and Halo coupled with martial arts-inspired combat in Warframe game. Warframe is one of the most impressive action games that you can play on PC or consoles. Launched in 2013, its player-base has grown substantially over the last few years touching more than 26 million people played it so far.

Warframe is also open to noticeable customization options, enabling you to edit and modify your weapons and “Warframe” exo-armor, thus enabling you to better use your gear toward your specific playstyle. You can also have access to your own personal spaceship, which you can use as your base when between missions. On touching down on foot your mobility will become unlimited. Seven different parkour moves will help you to navigate hard-to-reach locations and get the drop on enemies.

2. World of Warships

World of Warships

Bunch of Tanks with naval ship fight is an amazing scene of World of Warships. In this game, you will find four types of ships — cruisers, battleships, destroyers, and aircraft carriers along with multiple game modes. It is a strategic open water combat simulator with deep customization options. If you are a fan of naval combat or tanks, you can also play World of Warplanes, which is yet another quality free-to-play combat simulator that will take you to the skies.

3 World of Tanks

world of tanks

It is a spin-off game focusing on ferocious naval and air battles. Featuring armored destroyers from America, Germany, England, France, China, and the Soviet Union, World of Tanks’ is a multiplayer game where teams constantly vie to gain tactical positions over one another while firing long-range shots, flanking enemies, and protecting their allies.

Once you get comfortable with the game’s combat, you can join a clan and take control of the “global map,” which not only gets you bragging rights, but also specific vehicles and in-game currency.

4. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is just similar to Hearthstone that relies on attacking your opponent and their cards. You earn one Magicka every turn, as well.  The only difference is its lane system. The board is divided into two sides. Once placing a card, you can only attack cards on the same side of the board or directly your opponents. This great twist makes a huge difference, incorporating a layer of strategy exclusive to The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Right now available on PC, iOS, and Android, the console versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch are set to launch later this year.

5. War Thunder

War Thunder

This combat–based flight simulator is all set during World War II that allows the players to enter the cockpit of planes hailing from five world powers. Once you’re confident with your skills, you can enter online and compete in epic 16v16 dogfights or objective-driven missions. War Thunder also has anti-aircraft vehicles and tanks which you can play as a free-to-play game. You will find many planes and perks locked behind paywalls, which you can unearth without dropping a dime, though it will take you longer.


These are some of the most popular and widely played free to play games that are waiting for you to tests your guts when it comes to action-packed thrills.