Top 5 Gadgetry you can grab for $100 or less

In today’s hi-tech world, $100 can get you pretty far. Due to the advent of smartphones, devices like processors, accelerometers, and lithium-ion batteries have become dramatically cheap over the years and easily accessible for electronics manufacturers. This has led to a flood of inexpensive but highly useful and capable gadgets.

Here we have compiled a list of top 5 Gadgety that you can snag for $100 or less.

  1. Anker 20,000 Mah Portable Charger ($44)

anker portable battery charger

Nonetheless, smartphones have become the call of the day, they never seem to have enough battery power. The most advanced smartphone we’ve got which guarantees of 8-10 hours battery power only. You can have Anker’s PowerCore 5000 to boost the power of your smartphone. Despite being small enough to fit in a pocket, bag or backpack pouch; it can store enough power to fully recharge most smartphones several times.

It not only charges your devices, but it also does it safely and quickly. Powered by PowerIQ technology which identifies all connected devices and delivers the optimum high-speed charge.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot ($50)

amazon Eco Dot

Amazon’s Echo Dot is a tiny voice assistant speaker that can link with several apps, enabling you to control your home’s fans, lights, garage door, and thermostat. It can also play your favorite music and get your favorite pizza delivered to your house. Due to far-field voice recognition technology, it can also hear you from across the room and can learn your preferences, too. It will learn to pick your speech and vocabulary pattern also. For $50, it’s a cheaper alternative than many of its competitors.

  1. Amazon Kindle ($80)

amazon kindle

It may not come equipped with 10 LEDs or the facility of page-turning buttons like the Kindle Oasis, but it still works if you are in the market for an ebook reader. It boasts of more than enough memory and an updated processor. It also has an excellent touchscreen display that allows you to surf thousands of books easily. It is equipped with the software Goodreads integration and a vocabulary builder that compliments its marathon 30 days battery life including a comfortable design.

  1. Google Daydream View VR Headset ($79)

Google Daydream View VR Headset

New virtual reality headsets are evolving every year. So, now for an affordable, high-quality device, you do not have to look at Samsung’s Gear VR. Daydream View is there to be your companion. You just require a compatible phone to use the headset. Right now, that means this will only work if you own a Google Pixel phone. It is amazing and stands out among the rest due to its wearability and comfortability. Made up of breathable fabric, the headset is extremely lightweight for long hour use as it is necessary for long wear. The Daydream software is easy to use with the wireless controller, and it keeps adding new apps every now and then. This is an amazing option if you have a compatible phone.

  1. Advanced Sound Model 3 Convertible Earphones ($80)

Advanced Sound Model 3

Gone are the days of cables! The advanced Sound Model 3 can allow you to bring your audio game into the 21st century. Although there are many better wireless earphones on the market, for under $100, you cannot find better than this. The Model 3 manage produces clear, full-bodied sound with powerful bass response, enabling you to enjoy everything from Flume to Steve Wonder. It is packed with features like the detachable MMCX connection that helps you switch between wireless and wired modes making it more worthwhile.