Top 8 iPhone Apps to Download Today

Presently the iOS App Store would have over a million apps. An impossibly large number of choices for you. Even the app categories are immense like Photo & Video, Productivity, Games, Social Networking, and Newsmaking you confused. It’s tough to make out where the app you want is located in the first place, let alone hunt for fun new apps. Let’s have a quick view of some great new iPhone apps to choose from.

1. Showtime


You can get access to all the original Showtime series, boxing events, unlimited movies, etc. using Showtime app, which is a stand-alone streaming app. Using the Showtime app, you can watch the hit shows like Dexter, Californication, Weeds, etc. You are open to opt for the 30-day free trial and after this, you may keep accessing it at $10.99 a month.


2. Tindog


Tindog is the first social app that aims at connecting dog lovers with other dog owners in the nearby area sharing similar interests. You can browse through recommended profiles and swipe left for “No” and right for “Yes”. If both users swipe right, then it’s a match and you can plan to catch up in a predefined place. Tindog app is a way to ensure that your dog will never have to walk alone in the park again.



Using you can create fun lip-sync videos of your own. This an iOS app where you can browse from millions of tracks to create lip sync videos to all of your favorite songs. This app provides plenty of cool video effects like slot and fast motion, time lapse, etc. You can also share these videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and WhatsApp.


4. Star Wars

Star Wars

This Star Wars app is officially launched by Disney and Lucasfilm, which is available for iOS and Android both the devices. You can share selfies in iconic costumes, and play sound effects and Star Wars themed weather forecasts by downloading this app. This app also delivers Star Wars news and blogs from, behind-the-scenes features.


5. Free


You do not have to spend your nights at home by yourself! The Free app lets your friends know when you’re available to hang out. You can create statuses to display if you are available to hang out. This app has three different modes which include Going Out, Flexible, or Busy. Considering your situation, the app will send push notifications to your friends who live in your current city, letting them know your availability.


6. Qapital


Qapital is a mobile-banking app dedicated to helping young professionals to address their financial goals. This app helps its users by automatically saving small funds on a regular basis, so they can buy the required things they want. Users can also generate a fun savings plan that allows you to save up for a specific goal. If you are willing to save up to buy a new car or office resources or put down a security deposit on a new apartment, Qapital makes it easy to build the bankroll you need.


7. Beet


Beet is a social video app dedicated to iOS. Using this app, you will be able to shoot short films and videos and compile them into an ongoing montage. Each video can be up to six seconds long which you can share your moments with friends and can also watch updates on your friend’s stories. You can edit your profile, and share videos with friends via email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.


8. BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed has rolled out an iOS news app called BuzzFeed News. Using this app, you can catch up with major news stories from around the world, whether you wish to read about the world of business, technology, politics, or entertainment. You can set up notifications, share stories easily, and get some context for big stories. This app also highlights news stories from other important publications like The Guardian, The New York Times, etc.



These are the most popular and widely used iPhone apps that you must have this year.