Top 9 Facts to know to Increase Slots Winnings

If you want to improve your slots game at a casino there are certain moves you can try when playing slots games that will immensely improve your chances of winning money. In addition, you need to avoid some serious mistakes too.

Below mentioned are the 9 things about slots that will not only allow you to win more on slot machines of all levels but it will also help you get accustomed to the process of how slots work.

9 Things to Know to Increase Chances of Slots Winnings

Top 9 Facts to know to Increase Slots Winnings

1) You can never predict or understand when a progressive slot machine will hit. The basic rule to remember is that the slot machines with lower hit frequency pay out the bigger sums. It is always better to select those slot machines that have small jackpots for a more consistent win and less risk per reward.

2) At every casino, the slot machines, whether big or small, tune their slots to very similar payouts considering the government regulations. So you cannot actually make out when you will hit a jackpot as whether you are at Caesar’s Palace or any other casino, your chances of hitting a jackpot are almost identical.

3) Bankroll management is of the essence when it comes to any long-term game. You must always know your limits and never cross the limit. Do never go bust by chasing a slots jackpot.

Bankroll management

4) You need to have time and luck with you always to hit the jackpot. This is the biggest asset of any gambler. As slot machines results are declared by a random number generator, so if you are not hitting, it is not the fault of the machine, you are just reeling under hard luck and it can turn around anytime.

5) The pay cycle of slot machines is not consistent and because a jackpot hit last time at $11 million it does not mean it will hit again at $11 million frequently. There is no fixed rule of time for any slot machine pay cycles. If any machine hasn’t hit for a long time it does not mean it is due to hit soon. The timing is unpredictable, so you have to be the judge of that.

pay cycle of slot machines is not consistent

6) Spending or feeding hundreds of dollars to a machine, cannot hit your jackpot. Spending more does not guarantee any wins. Keep spending on the same machine to chase when it will pay out cannot guarantee any big win.

7) It is always suggested to use a reward card or VIP card when playing a slot machine. It guarantees you money or comps back for your pay. Thus it will add to your win or guarantee that you win something.

reward card or VIP card

8) Do not forget to look at slot machine payouts and odds prior to starting your play. Just do not deviate from your aim that you have to achieve. Whether you are there to have a free drink or to hit the jackpot, you must know how much you want to spend. The moment you hit that limits wind up your game and leave. You can limit how much you are ready to lose rather than win.

9) Keep your slot ticket receipt safely. It works like tickets because they are. Once you lose them, the casino has no way of replacing them and if someone else gets it, that money is no longer in your hands.

Keep your slot ticket receipt safely


Above listed tips will surely help you understand the real game of slots and enable you more informed and confident of playing this game.