Types of Slot Machines you should Know

Being a gaming enthusiast you might have been playing on slot machines for months or even years. Have you ever given a thought how many types of slots machines are out there? The reality is – the slot machines are of many types. It could be a video screen one or a classic-style spinning reels one. Although its types have nothing to do with its rate of paybacks, knowing about the slot machines could be a real joy.

The major difference between these slots machines is in the symbols they have, along with the style of the machine.

  1. Bonus Slot Machines


Such slots machines are equipped with bonus games or other bonus functions which makes them bonus slot machines. It has a range of special features like gamble features or free spins. Such machines might have the combination of the bonus game, gamble feature and free spin features. In the bonus game feature, you are taken to a new screen to play and you might get extra credits which are your bonus. In gamble feature, you can choose a card when you have had a winning combination. In free spins feature, you can get free extra spins.

  1. Classic Slot Machines


In this type of slots, you get 1 pay-line with 3 reels. These machines are most traditional of all resembling of those machines that first appeared in casinos. You come across a variety of signs when playing at these types of classic slot machines. You may also come across fruit based symbols like oranges, melons, cherries etc. Yet other more tradition symbols may include single double, Lucky 7’s, triple bar, and high playing card symbols.

  1. Loyalty Slot Machines


These machines functions on a popular theme. Being a player you need to collect six pink star symbols and once you could do this, you can win a loyalty jackpot.

  1. Fruit Machines


Such machines are also quite traditional in the UK especially. These machines are most popular among players who want to play for fun. These fruit machines are more skill based compared to any other slot machines and are packed with a lot of special features, which sets them apart from different other types of slot games.

The most appealing feature of this machine is getting random awards of a nudge or a hold over the game. Fruit machines are popular for its hold feature that offers the players to hold one or more reels on their next spin.

There is also a nudge feature that allows the players to nudge one or more of the 3 reels on their next spin.

  1. Progressive Slot Machines


These machines are mostly quite popular among players as these machines are considered to offer a big chance for a win. The jackpot may become immensely big in a short time due to its progressive nature.

  1. Multi Payline Slot Machines


These types of machines are much different from any other machines like classic slot machines, which has only single playline. But in multi-payline, as the name suggests, have multiple paylines which make the players stand a chance of getting multiple combinations.

  1. Video Slot Machines


These machines are quite new in this genre and they are devoid of any moving parts as they are screen based and offer a graphical manifestation of the real slot machine.

  1. Special Symbols based Slot Machines


Several slot machines ideally have some special symbols that align them to the theme they are based on. These types of machines may include a wild symbol and multiplier symbols.

Above listed are some of the most popular types of slots machines that you usually play at without realizing its types and features.